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600 Travis Street75built1982(19)
Wells Fargo Plaza71built1983(26)
Williams Tower64built1983(11)
TC Energy Center56built1983(12)
Heritage Plaza53built1987(4)
609 Main at Texas49built2017(1)
Enterprise Plaza55built1980(7)
Museo Plaza54proposed(1)
McNair Plaza [Tower 1]54proposed(1)
Centerpoint Energy Plaza53built1974(4)
Artesian Eclipse58proposed
Texas Tower47built2021(2)
1600 Smith Street53built1984(7)
Fulbright Tower52built1982(5)
One Shell Plaza50built1971(12)
1400 Smith50built1983(8)
Three Allen Center50built1980(6)
LyondellBassell Tower46built1978(5)
First City Tower49built1981(3)
American General Center42built1983(4)
Theater Square41proposed(1)
BG Group Place46built2011(3)
San Felipe Plaza45built1984(5)
The District - Tower 2proposed
800 Bell Street44built1963(4)
1500 Louisiana40built2002(5)
Two Houston Center40built1974(2)
Capitol Tower35built2019(1)
Marathon Oil Tower41built1983(3)
Wedge International Building43built1983(2)
KBR Tower40built1973(4)
The District - Tower 1proposed
2929 Weslayan39built2015(1)
Pennzoil Plaza36built1976(4)
Devon Energy Tower36built1978(3)
RRI Energy Plaza36built2003(4)
Total Plaza35built1971(4)
Methodist Hospital Outpatient Care Center25built2010(1)
The Huntingdon34built1984(4)
Kinder Morgan Building33built1963(2)
One Park Place37built2009(3)
800 Post Oak Boulevard36proposed
Memorial Hermann Tower33built2009(1)
Market Square Tower40built2017(1)
Residences at The Allen35under construction
The Post Oak35built2018
Hess Tower31built2010(2)
Parkside Residences43built2022(1)
The O'Quinn Medical Tower at St. Luke's25built1990(1)
BHP Billiton Tower30built2016(1)
Five Greenway Plaza31built1973(3)
Hanover River Oaks38built2020
Texas Children's Hospital Lester and Sue S...25built2018
717 Texas34built2003(2)
Aspire Post Oak40built2021(1)
Residences at La Colombe d'Or34built2020(1)
One Allen Center34built1972(2)
Apache Tower34proposed
7200 Main Tower IIproposed
Four Leaf Towers II40built1982(3)
Four Leaf Towers I40built1982(3)
Eleven Greenway Plaza31built1979(4)
El Paso Tower31built1978(4)
Phoenix Tower34built1984(1)
Memorial Hermann Medical Plaza30built2007(2)
JPMorgan Chase Building36built1929(2)
The Spires40built1983(1)
Latitude Med Center36built2018
1330 Post Oak Boulevard30built1983(2)
M.D. Anderson Administrative Support Building25built2012
One City Center32built1961(2)
Niels Esperson Building32built1927(1)
The Crescent Building29proposed
Bob Lanier Public Works Building27built1968(2)
2727 Kirby at River Oaks30built2009(1)
Hyatt Regency Houston30built1972(1)
The Mercer West Tower30built2003(1)
Texaco Building Redevelopment38proposed
7200 Main Tower IVproposed
Marriott Marquis Houston30built2016(1)
The Paula and Joseph C. "Rusty" Walter III...20built2018
Harris County Civil Justice Center18built2005
The Parklane36built1983(3)
Five Post Oak Park Building28built1983(2)
Houston Police Department Headquarters28built1967(3)
One Westlake Park28built1982(2)
Memorial Hermann Texas Medical Center Expa...16built2020
Five Houston Center27built2002(3)
Hanover BLVD Place30built2019(1)
1301 Fannin25built1984(1)
Aris Market Square32built2017
919 Milam24built1956(2)
Lyric Center26built1984(1)
The Warwick Towers30built1983(1)
Hanover Post Oak29built2014
The Royalton at River Oaks33built2003(1)
1200 Post Oak33built2003(1)
The Mosaic29built2007
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