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One State Street Square15built1989(2)
Department of Labor Building14built1962(1)
Kingsbury Square Apartments West21built1970(1)
Kingsbury Square Apartments East21built1970(1)
28 West State Street14built1924(4)
Carteret Arms Apartments17built1959
Broad Street Bank Building12built1910(1)
Trent Center West15built1975
Rowan Towers15built1971
Trent Center East14built1965(1)
Mary G. Roebling Building13built1988
Lafayette House12built1963(1)
Two Capitol Plaza16built1967(1)
Station Plaza III12built
Luther Towers12built1974
140 East Front Street10built
Health and Agriculture Building8built1964
Belleview Plaza Apartments11built1967
Luther Arms13built1979
Bernice J. Munce Tower12built1979
Taxation Building10built1968
French Towers11built1971
New Jersey State House3built1912