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Edificio Babilonia19built1982
Edificio los Manantiales III18built1971
Edificio los Manantiales II18built1971
Edificio los Manantiales I18built1971
Playamar II - Torre 2117built1979
Playamar II - Torre 1917built1979
Playamar II - Torre 1817built1979
Playamar II - Torre 1717built1979
Playamar II - Torre 1617built1979
Playamar II - Torre 1517built1979
Playamar II - Torre 1417built1979
Playamar II - Torre 1317built1979
Playamar II - Torre 1217built1979
Playamar II - Torre 1117built1979
Playamar II - Torre 1017built1979
Hotel Cruiser Tres Carabelas17on hold(1)
Playamar II - Torre 2017built1979
Playamar I - Torre 917built1968
Playamar I - Torre 817built1968
Playamar I - Torre 717built1968
Playamar I - Torre 617built1968
Playamar I - Torre 517built1968
Playamar I - Torre 417built1968
Playamar I - Torre 317built1968
Playamar I - Torre 217built1968
Playamar I - Torre 117built1968
Edificio Congreso II15built1978
Edificio Los Cedros15built1971
La Colina15built1972
Edificio Colegial15built1969