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Duque de Lerma24built2000(1)
Las Mercedes I21built1964(1)
Las Mercedes II17built1967(1)
Museo de la Ciencia8built2003(1)
Las Mercedes III17built1968(1)
Edificio Riosol17built1972(1)
Residencial Las Moreras16built1983(1)
Isabel La Católica 2817built1970(1)
Isabel La Católica 2717built1973(1)
Isabel La Católica 3016built1994(1)
Antonio Lorenzo Hurtado 8214built1972(1)
Antonio Lorenzo Hurtado 8014built1972(1)
Vicente Mortes 2113built1983(1)
Rigoberto Cortejoso 613built1983(1)
Edificio Torre Valladolid14built1964(1)
Juan de Valladolid 412built1985(1)
Paseo de Zorrila 8513built1968
Santiago 3112built1960(1)
Antonio Lorenzo Hurtado 312built1972(1)
Antonio Lorenzo Hurtado 212built1972(1)
Juan de Valladolid 211built1985(1)
Vicente Mortes 612built1972
Vicente Mortes 412built1972
Vicente Mortes 212built1972
Antonio Royo Villanova 512built1975
Antonio Royo Villanova 212built1972
Antonio Lorenzo Hurtado 412built1975
Antonio Lorenzo Hurtado 112built1972
Juan de Valladolid 69built1985(1)