Known as the "city of sunlight and vegetation" Podgorica is the largest city in Montenegro and the seat of the regions government. It has been built on the ruins of ore-war Podgorica. The city is located on the banks of five rivers (Moraca, Zeta, Ribnica, Cijevna and Sitnica).


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Blok V Tower 517built
Blok V Tower 417built
Blok V Tower 317built
Blok V Tower 217built
Blok V Tower 117built
54 Bulevar Mitra Bakica17built
52 Bulevar Mitra Bakica17built
50 Bulevar Mitra Bakica17built
Vasa Raičkovića Tower 215built
Vasa Raičkovića Tower 115built
Ulice Slobode 1214built1971
Ulice Slobode 1014built1971
The Maxim12built2005
Nikić Bussiness Center11built2008
Plave Zgrade12built1977
Promonte's Building8built2001
Zgrada Vodovoda6built2007
Hotel Crna Gora7built1953