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World Trade Centre38proposed
Duriense Tower C37proposed
IMOB Business Tower35built2018(2)
Edificio Yesus34proposed
Edifício da Estação Central28proposed
Kianda Towers27under construction
CIF Tower II30built2015(1)
Edificio ESCOM26built2010(1)
Torres AAA - Hotel TYKHE Sofitel26built2018
Torre do 1º Congresso26built2013(1)
Sky Center Office Tower27built2012(1)
Edificio Kilamba27built2016(1)
Sky Center Residencei Tower 226built2013(1)
Sky Center Residencei Tower 127built2013(1)
Intercontinental Hotel & Casino25built2014
Torre Ambiente28built2011
Loanda Towers I26built2014
Edificio Maravilha26on hold
Edificio BesaActif26on hold
Complex Kinaxixi Office Tower25on hold
Edificio Sonangol23built2007(1)
Loanda Towers II28built2014
Ocean Towers - Tower A27built2013(1)
Edificio Kanhangulo25built2013
Ocean Towers - Tower B26built2013(1)
Empório Luanda Plaza Hotel23built2010
Edifício Serena23on hold
Edifício Elysée Trade Center II18built
Edifício Elysée Trade Center I18built2011
CIF Tower29built2003(1)
Edifício Baía23built2012(1)
Garden Towers B20built2011(1)
Garden Towers A20built2011(1)
Duriense Tower A20proposed
Hotel Presidente26built
Vista Club Luanda Towers - Tower C25on hold
Vista Club Luanda Towers - Tower B25built2016
Vista Club Luanda Towers - Tower A25built2016
Edifício Muxima Plaza 125built2019
Edifício Heroínas22proposed
Edifício Luanda Medical Center20built2010(1)
Total E&P Angola 218built2012
Complexo Kinaxixi Mall & Residences25on hold
Torres do Carmo22built2013
EPIC SANA Luanda Hotel22built2011(1)
Torre X Coqueiros21built
INSS Tower18built
Edificio Kwanza23proposed
VIP Grand Luanda21built2012
Torres Atlantico Office Tower19built2007(1)
Edifício Kings Tower20built
Edificio BPC18built
Torres Rei Katyavala14built
Edificio Zimbo Tower21built2010
Three Towers [3]20built2013
Three Towers [2]20built2013
Three Towers [1]20built2013
Edifícios Teta Lando B20on hold
Edifícios Teta Lando A20on hold
Edificio Galaxia17built2014
Luanda Plaza23on hold
Torre Maculusso16built2013
Duriense Tower B18proposed
Alvalade Residence Tower 220built2011
Alvalade Residence Tower 120built2011
Edifício Palácio Real17built2013
Ingombota Palace20built2014
Edifício Victoria17built
Torre21on hold
Solar de Alvalade18built2011
Cidadela II18built
Cidadela I18built
Hotel Skyna Vip Inn16built2008
Emporio Luanda Plaza Tower 216on hold
Edifício Somatek16built2016
Palacio da Justica15built2005
Hotel Alvalade17built2002
Torre Vitória18built
Edifîcio Secil15built1960
Edificio Mutamba18built
Edifício Muxima Plaza 215built
Emporio Luanda Plaza Tower 315on hold
Edificio Kaluanda15built2012
Edificio Fenix14built2012
Edifício Anangola16built
Edifício ELF13built2003
Edificio de Beers13built
Luanda Inn17built2007
Torres Atlantico Condominium Tower16built2007
Edifício Kimpa Vita16built2011
Condominio do Bengo15built2012
Hotel Tropico13built1972
Edificio Dalia Plaza13built
Banco de Fomento e Exterior12built
Edifício São Paulo13built2010
National Assambley Of Angolabuilt2013
Hotel Bikuku Alvalade14built
Edificio Platinum14built2011
Torres Dipanda13built2013
Edifícios Teta Lando C13built2013
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