Dubai is the quintessential home of sand, sun, skyscrapers and shopping. A century ago, it was a tranquil town whose coral-and-gypsum huts housed Bedouin traders and pearl divers. Today the merchants have gone international and science-fiction skyscrapers stand alongside the mosques and wind towers of Old Dubai.

The audacity of the city's rulers is breathtaking. Running out of coastline to build hotels? Build vast artificial islands with 120km (74.5mi) of new beachfront. Need better connections with the world? Build up an award-winning international airline in 15 years.

Need some publicity? Stage the world's richest horse race, million-dollar lotteries, international tennis and golf tournaments, and a month-long shopping festival. Need a few landmarks for people to recognise? Up goes the world's tallest and most lavish hotel, perched on an artificial platform, and a city skyline to boggle the eye.

And of course, Dubai is the home of the world's tallest building - the Burj Khalifa.

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Al Kawakeb C10built(1)
Al Kawakeb B10built(1)
Al Kawakeb A10built(1)
Al Hamri Residence10built
Al Habool Residence10built
Al Ghurair10built
Al Anbara Residence10built
Acacia 310built2019
Acacia 210built2019
Acacia 110built2019
Abu Keibal Residence10built
Florida City Hotel Apartments11built(1)
Gargash Center10built(1)
Radisson SAS Media City Building8built2006
Mysk by Shaza11built2023
JAFZA South Worker Accomodations 911built
JAFZA South Worker Accomodations 811built
JAFZA South Worker Accomodations 711built
JAFZA South Worker Accomodations 611built
JAFZA South Worker Accomodations 511built
JAFZA South Worker Accomodations 411built
JAFZA South Worker Accomodations 311built
JAFZA South Worker Accomodations 211built
JAFZA South Worker Accomodations 1311built
JAFZA South Worker Accomodations 1211built
JAFZA South Worker Accomodations 1111built
JAFZA South Worker Accomodations 1011built
JAFZA South Worker Accomodations 111built
Al Jawhara Garden11built
Zooma Residence10built2020
Yotel Hotel Business Bay Garage10built2021
Warsan Building10built
Warsan Building10built
Waleed Al Alami Building10built
Venezia Residence10built
Tulip Oasis 210built
TIME Onyx Hotel Apartments10built
The Fairmont Dubai Garage10built2002
The Cove Building 210built2021
The Blue Oasis10built
The Azure Residence10built2020
Telal 1010built
Suntech Tower10built
Suha Creek Hotel Apartments10built
Star Residence10built
SS Lootha Building10built
Soho Palm Jumeirah 110built2020
Single Business Tower Garage10built2009
Silicon Arch10built2008
Sevanam Crown10built
Sama Tower Garage10built2009
Sama Building Al Barsha10built
Salama Building10built
Royal Central Hotel The Palm10built
Royal Bay10built
Rose Plaza Hotel10built
Rose Executive Hotel10built2020
Rolex Tower Parking Garage10built2010
Residential Building Satwa10built2020
Residential Building Al Qusais10built
Rawda 3 Apartments10built2020
Radisson Blu Hotel Apartments10built
Q Zone MU00710built
Park Point 210built2020
Palme Couture Residences10built
Palm Furnished Apartments10built2023
Orchid Residence Al Jaddaf10built2018
Ocean Residencia10built
National Bonds Tower10built
Naser Ahmed Building10built
N M Lootah 2610built
Muhaisnah Residence 210built
Muhaisnah Residence 110built
Moscow Hotel10built
Mir 6 Building10built
Mezan 1 Building10built
Mazaya 910built
Mazaya 810built
Mazaya 710built
Mazaya 610built
Mazaya 2610built
Mazaya 2010built2010
Mazaya 210built2017
Mazaya 1610built
Mazaya 110built
Manazel Building Garage10built
Maha Residence10built
La Vista Residence 710built
La Vista Residence 610built
La Vista Residence 510built
La Vista Residence 410built
La Vista Residence 310built
La Vista Residence 210built
La Vista Residence 110built
L'Avenue Liwan10built2020
Kriscon Tower10built
Jumeirah Garden 210built2020
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