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Sharjah is in the metropolitian area of Dubai.
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Nestle Plaza58built2008(1)
Al Ayaan Sharjah Gate Tower56built2008(1)
Palm Tower56built2009(1)
Sarh Al Emarat Tower55built2013(1)
Majestic Tower52built2009(1)
Al Waha Residence Tower53built2012(1)
ABT-05 Tower52built2013(1)
Al Mamzar 2 Tower51built2014
Hilal Tower44proposed(1)
Al Noor Tower42built2003(1)
Malak Tower52built2006(1)
Al Salam Tower - Armada56built2014(1)
Ameer Bu Khamseen Tower51built2006(1)
Majestic Tower Mamzar50built2008(1)
Abbco Tower49built2006(1)
Al Sondos Tower47built2006
ASAS Tower51built2018(1)
Al Rund Tower47built2008(1)
Sahab Al Emarat Tower53built2021(1)
Al Raha Tower45built2011(1)
Al Anwar Tower46built2006(1)
Al Dana Tower46built2007(1)
Sharjah Business Tower41built2015
W Tower44built2021(1)
Danat Al-Khan Tower51built2009(1)
Bin Dhaen Tower43built2012
Al Buhaira Insurance Tower37built2000(1)
Blue Tower48built2006(1)
Al Majaz Tower45built2006
Pullman Sharjah40built2019(1)
Al Rayyan Complex C39built2016(1)
Al Rayyan Complex B39built2016(1)
Al Yarmook Towers45built(1)
Al Rayyan Complex A40built2016(1)
Emirates Sail Tower37built2008
Lagoon Tower38built2009(1)
Lamyya Tower38built2008(1)
Qasr Al Saadah Tower44built2016(1)
Oriana Hospital44built(1)
Al Ghazal Tower44built(1)
Sunset Tower37built2020(1)
Golden Sands Tower44built2013(1)
Zakhir Tower43built(1)
Ali Moosa Tower 141built2006(1)
Manazil Towers40built(1)
Manazil Tower 339built(1)
Gulf Pearl Building42built2011(1)
BM Towers35built(1)
Al Mohannad Tower40built2006(1)
Sarab Tower38built2016(1)
Ali Moosa Tower 238built(1)
Al Buhaira Tower32built(1)
Garden Plaza Tower33built2008(1)
Rosana Tower35built2008(1)
Al Abbar Building III32built2005
Al Hind Tower38built2014(1)
Sara Tower32built2001(1)
Bin Ham Towers37built(1)
Bin Kamil Tower35built2015(1)
Al Ghafly Tower31built2008
Al Habtoor Tower37built(1)
Sharjah Islamic Bank Headquarters28built2007
Al Reef 231built(1)
Al Yasmin Tower34built2003(1)
Ali Uraman Building32built2012(1)
Al Ferasa Tower32built(1)
Al Dafrah Tower31built2009(1)
Etisalat Tower18built1998(1)
Al Reef 131built2008(1)
Tariq Tower32built2002(1)
Al Maha Tower31built2013(1)
Al Ameer Tower31built2009(1)
Rivera Tower30built2013(1)
Zahrat El Madaen34built
Bukhatir Tower31built2001(1)
Al Reem Plaza Building32built1998(1)
Al Taawun Tower32built2006(1)
Umm Al Qura Tower26built(1)
Yamama Area Hotel27built(1)
Al Durrah Centre27built2001(1)
Queen Tower26built(1)
Al Sham Tower29built2002(1)
CBD Al Khan Building28built(1)
Al Ittihad Tower25built2004(1)
Future Tower 431built(1)
Al Nahda Complex B29built2001
Al Nahda Complex A29built2001
Salim Al Sayegh Building26built2008
Burj 200024built2000
Moon Tower 225built2009(1)
Corniche Towers27built2000
Al Manarah Tower 125built
Golden Sands Hotel28built2005(1)
Abdul Aziz Al Majid A224built(1)
Abdul Aziz Al Majid A124built(1)
Dream Tower27built(1)
Al Ansari Tower23built(1)
Sayegh Tower23built(1)
Sharjah Lulu Tower27built2005(1)
Al Shamsi Building25built2011(1)
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