Dubai is the quintessential home of sand, sun, skyscrapers and shopping. A century ago, it was a tranquil town whose coral-and-gypsum huts housed Bedouin traders and pearl divers. Today the merchants have gone international and science-fiction skyscrapers stand alongside the mosques and wind towers of Old Dubai.

The audacity of the city's rulers is breathtaking. Running out of coastline to build hotels? Build vast artificial islands with 120km (74.5mi) of new beachfront. Need better connections with the world? Build up an award-winning international airline in 15 years.

Need some publicity? Stage the world's richest horse race, million-dollar lotteries, international tennis and golf tournaments, and a month-long shopping festival. Need a few landmarks for people to recognise? Up goes the world's tallest and most lavish hotel, perched on an artificial platform, and a city skyline to boggle the eye.

And of course, Dubai is the home of the world's tallest building - the Burj Khalifa.

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Al Musalla Residential Tower16built
Al Mamzar 91616built
Al Mamzar 913 Building16built
Vida The Hills 415built2018
Vida The Hills 315built2018
Vida The Hills 215built2018
Vida The Hills 115built2018
The Galleries Office 415built2008
The Galleries Office 315built2008
The Galleries Office 215built2008
The Galleries Office 115built2008
The Apricot15built
Ritz Carlton & Limestone House15built2008
Panorama at The Views15built2015
Olympic Park 415built2011
Olympic Park 315built2011
Olympic Park 215built2011
Olympic Park 115built2011
MCN Building15built2012
Marina Diamond III15built2007
Marina Diamond II15built2005
Marina Diamond I15built2006
Le Solarium15built2008
La Residencia Del Mar15built2006
IT Plaza15built2008
Hub Canal II15built2005
Hub Canal I15built2005
First Abu Dhabi Bank Building Al Jaddaf15built2017
Durrat Al Marsa Tower15built
Code Business Tower15built
Capital Golden Tower15built2011
Bay Square 115built
Bank of Baroda Building15built
Sheraton Dubai Creek12built1978(1)
Daytona 721built2020
JS Tower16built2018
Frankfurt Sports Tower 116built2016
DSC Tower16built
Atlantis Staff Accommodation 216built2020
Atlantis Staff Accommodation 116built2020
The Diamond14built
Rove Hotel Oud Metha14built2016
Convention Tower14built
Elite 2 Sports Residence13built2012(1)
Miracle Hills16built2021
Al Jazeera Tower16built
Wind West Home15built2019
Wilton Terraces 215built2021
Wilton Terraces 115built2021
Wasl Nad Tower15built2020
Wasl District Apartments15built2018
Tulip Oasis 715built2022
Tulip Oasis 615built2021
Time Oak Hotel & Suites15built2008
Tennis Tower15built2009
TECOM 2 Tower15built
TECOM 1 Tower15built
Shams Building15built
Seven Palm15built2022
Saleh Bin Lahej 36115built
Residential Building Al Qusais15built
Residential Building15built2022
Park Avenue Tower15built
Paradise Building15built2007
Palacio Tower15built2011
Palacio Residence15built
OBY Building Al Barsha15built
Nopoli Tower15built
Noor Al Safa15built2017
MiNC Hotel Apartments Tecom15built
Metro Building Al Barsha15built
Mazaya Tower15built2020
Mazaya 515built
Marina Residence 615built
Marina Residence 515built
Marina Residence 415built
Marina Residence 315built
Marina Residence 215built
Marina Residence 115built
Maria Tower15built2019
Manazil Port Saeed 0115built
Lahej & Sultan Building15built
Khansaheb Jadaf Residence15built2020
Kappa Acca 215built
Jouri Building15built
Jewel of the Creek 315built2020
Jewel of the Creek 215built2020
Jewel of the Creek 115built2020
Jaddaf Hotel15built2020
Ice Hockey Tower15built2010
Home To Home Hotel15built
Hilton Garden Inn15built2018
Hadia Tower15built
Grand Belle Vue Hotel Dubai15built2009
Golf Tower15built2009
Form Hotel Dubai15built2018
Fiora at Golf Verde II15built2021
Fiora at Golf Verde I15built2021
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