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Beihai Star A63on hold
Fake Hills Point Tower55under construction
BeiHai Kaixuan International Business Hotel33built2007(1)
Yinhui International Hotel29built2004(1)
Coast International Tower II27built2010(1)
Coast International Tower I27built2010(1)
Ming Yuan Garden32built2008
Bao Yi Tower30built2003(1)
International Financial Tower30built2003(1)
Fake Hills Linear Tower Phase 235built2014
Happy Home29built2008(1)
BeiHai Tower24built2008(1)
HaiFu Tower30built2005
1 Wan Jia Xing Tower26built2007(1)
BeiSheng Medicine24built2004(1)
Fake Hills Linear Tower Phase 135built2013(1)
Bing City Tower 126built2005
Longyun Building28built2007
Lan Zuan Hua Ting Building24built2006(1)
BeiHai Xin Li Towers24built2008(1)
Heng Feng Building21built2005
JoyLife Hotel21built2002(1)
Oceanography Shopping Square #223built2007
JiaTianXia International Hotel21built2006
BeiHai ICBC Building20built2001
Hai An Ming Du Building19built2006(1)
BeiHai Unicom Tower14built2003(1)
JiaJia Hotel17built1996(1)
Century Apartment Building F19built2007(1)
Century Apartment Building E19built2007(1)
Century Apartment Building D19built2007(1)
Century Apartment Building C19built2007(1)
Century Apartment Building B19built2007(1)
Century Apartment Building A19built2007(1)
BeiHai Foreign Trade Building17built1994
Bing City Tower 216built2005
Beihai Construction Building16built1998(1)
Tuo Hai Building16built2008
Yuehai Tower15built1987(1)
BeiHai Tobacco Building21built2005
HongHai Tower24built2003(1)