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Torre Sindoni32built1999(2)
Torres Canta Claro Plaza28built1986
Torres Venaragua27built1980
Torre Cosmopolitan23built1978(2)
Res. Varlab24built1992
Torres Luxmar24built1983
Residencial Vista Hermosa25built(1)
Halab Building22built2003
Residencial Aloha - Loa21built(1)
Residencial Aloha - Kilauea21built(1)
Residencial Aloha - Hawaii21built(1)
CR Greco II16built2008
TerraSur Apartamentos17built2007
TerraNova Apartamentos17built2006
Parque San Jacinto II15built
Parque San Jacinto Ibuilt
Residencias La Esmeralda14built2007
Torre Futuro12built
Residencias Villa Magna18built1985
CR Greco I16built2008