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Connecticut Financial Center26built1990(2)
Knights of Columbus Tower23built1969(4)
360 State Street32built2010(1)
Kline Biology Tower16built1966(3)
Crown Towers22built1967(1)
New Haven Savings Bank18built1974(1)
One Century Tower19built1990(1)
Omni New Haven Hotel19built1966(1)
The Eli17built1937(1)
Hall of Graduate Studies14built1932
Tower One21built1971(1)
Payne Whitney Gymnasium16built1932
Yale-New Haven Hospital Cancer Center13built2008
Long Wharf Maritime Center15built1985(1)
Bella Vista Building E19built(1)
Bella Vista Building D19built(1)
University Towers17built1960(1)
Madison Towers17built1963(1)
Sterling Memorial Library15built1930
205 Church Street12built1928(1)
100 College Street13built2015
234 Church Street14built1971(1)
Bella Vista Building C17built(1)
Bella Vista Building B17built(1)
Bella Vista Building A17built(1)
William Rowe Apartments16built1975(1)
Powell Building12built1921
Center Court Apartments13built1916(1)
900 Chapel Street13built1966(1)
Taft Apartments12built1911(1)
Lippard Laboratory of Clinical Investigation11built1965
Edward S. Harkness Memorial Hall11built
Yale-New Haven Children's Hospital10built1993
George Crawford Manor15built1966
Edith Johnson Towers14built1972
Temple Square Apartments4built1939
Yale-New Haven Hospital East12built1953
Sheffield Sterling Strathcona Hall10built1932
SBC/SNET Building10built
300 George Street10built1960
Tower East13built1982
Morse College Residential Tower13built1962
Charles T. McQueeney Apartments10built1974
44 Orange Street10built
Yale Art and Architecture Building7built1963(1)