Largest city and capital of Sicily as well as the 5th largest city in Italy.

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Grattacielo Ina Assitalia18built1955(1)
Via Resuttana 36019built
Via Francesco Scaduto 218built
Via Resuttana 35217built
Via Svezia 1215built
Via Michele Federico Sciacca15built
Viale Strasburgo 25314built
Via Pecori Giraldi Maresciallo 2614built
Via Enrico Hassan 2014built
Via Azolino Hazon 4014built1975
Via Azolino Hazon 214built
San Paolo Palace Hotel14built1990
Astoria Palace Hotel14built1988
Via Maria Santissima del Carmelo 3913built
Via Francesco Panzera 5513built
Via Corselli Rodolfo Generale 1013built
Via Azolino Hazon 1813built
Torreata Hotel & Residence13built
Istituto Tecnico Industriale Alessandro Volta13built
Via Principe di Pantelleria 1212built
Via Panzera Francesco 5712built
Via Luigi Galvani 1512built
Via del Cedro 6 Torre 212built
Via del Cedro 6 Torre 112built
Corso dei Mille 97012built
Cristal Palace Hotel Palermo10built
Holiday Inn Palermo7built