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Vietinbank Tower 168on hold(1)
Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower72built2012(2)
Lotte Center65built2014(1)
Vietinbank Hotel48on hold(1)
Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower 348built2011(2)
Keangnam Hanoi Landmark Tower 248built2011(2)
Viettel Tower60proposed
Hanel Building45built2012
Diamond Flower Tower40built2015(1)
Discovery Complex65built2018
Indochina Plaza Hanoi Tower A36built2012(1)
EVN Headquarter 229built2011(1)
New Skyline Tower Plaza36built2013(1)
Habico Tower 236on hold
EVN Tower 133built2012
Indochina Plaza Hanoi Tower B32built2013(1)
Trung Hoa Nhan Chinh34built2007(1)
Handico Tower33built2014(1)
Dolphin Plaza Phase II30built2012(1)
Dolphin Plaza Phase I30built2012(1)
Vicem Tower35on hold
CT4 C Xa La34built2012
CT4 B Xa La34built2012
CT4 A Xa La34built2012
HUD Tower32built2015
An Bình City A735built
An Bình City A635built
An Bình City A335built
An Bình City A235built
Hanoi Plaza Hotel Tower A30built2010(1)
M5 Tower31built2008
Hanoi Plaza Hotel Tower B30built2010
HTT Tower35built2017
Sky City Towers B31built2010
Sky City Towers A31built2010
City View Tower33built2014
Hanoi Tower Block 227built1997
Hanoi Tower Block 127built1997
FLC Landmark Tower32built2012
Song Da Ha Dong Tower34built2010(1)
ICC Commercial Center26built2006
Nam Cuong27built2011
VinUniversity Tower10built2020
N05 Vinaconex D30built2012
N05 Vinaconex C30built2012
N05 Vinaconex B30built2012
N05 Vinaconex A30built2012
High-Tech Center for Telecommunication and...25built2006
BIDV Tower25built2009(1)
Euroland Apartments Tower B29built2012
Euroland Apartments Tower A29built2012
CT5 Xa La31built2012
Ecohome 3 N0530built
Ecohome 3 N0430built
Ecohome 3 N0330built
Ecohome 3 N0230built
An Bình City A828built
An Bình City A528built
An Bình City A428built
An Bình City A128built
Apex Tower27built2012
Vietcombank Tower22built(1)
BRG Tower21built
Imperial Plaza 330built
Imperial Plaza 230built
Imperial Plaza 130built
LPBank Building21built
Hanoi Hotel19built(1)
Viglacera Tower18built1997(1)
UDIC Apartment25built
VCCI Tower23built2010
Skyline Tower23built2006
Indochina Plaza Hanoi Tower C16built2012
Sofitel Plaza Hotel22built1997
Sheraton Hanoi Hotel & Towers22built
Melia Hanoi Hotel21built
Daeha Business Centre Office Tower15built
Daewoo Hotel18built
Rose Garden Tower17built
Fortuna Hotel16built
Hotel Nikko Hanoi15built1998(1)
Hanoi Horison Hotel13built
Hanoi TV Towerbuilt2013(1)