Santa Fe

Santa Fe de la Vera Cruz is located in north-east Argentina where the Salado River empties into a delta which connects it to the Parana River. It is the capital city of Sante Fe province and is connected to the city of Parana by the Túnel Subfluvial Raúl Uranga - Carlos Sylvestre Begnis.

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Amarras Center 429built2023(2)
Amarras Center 329under construction(1)
Palacio Pellegrini29built2019(3)
Amarras Center 226built2021(2)
Amarras Center 126built2018(2)
Campanarios XXI26built2013(1)
Celestino X24built2009(1)
Terrazas del Boulevard20built2007(1)
San Jerónimo 5721built2018(1)
San Jerónimo 5619built2018(1)
Corporate Tower 217built2015(1)
Corporate Tower 117built2014(1)
Puerto Amarras III19built2016(1)
Celestino IX18built2011(1)
Sauce 30 - Country Tower15built2011
Palacio Municipal de Santa Fe14built1945(1)
Puerto Amarras II16built2014(1)
Latino 515built2006(1)
Torre del Pïlar14built2006(1)
Torre Avenida15built2008
San Jerónimo XX14built2004(1)
CAM 68 - Del Lago II14built2014(1)
CAM 78 - Del Lago III12built2017(1)
Cala 112built
Casa Gris4built1917
San Jerónimo XXII14built2004(1)
San Jerónimo XXXIII - Torre B13built2007
San Jerónimo XXXIII - Torre A13built2007
Galeno I13built1995
San Jerónimo L12built2014
Puerto Amarras Hotel & Suites13built2012(1)
Plaza Italia13built2006
Torre Sur13built2012
Campanarios VI13built1997
San Jerónimo XXIII12built2005(1)
CAM 61 - Del Lago I12built2011(1)
General López 296011built2010
Centro Administrativo Gubernamental11built1971(1)
San Jerónimo XXVI12built2005(1)
Boulevard Pellegrini 297411built2005(1)
Gral. López 368111built
Urquiza 175711built2005
El Legislador11built2015
4 de Enero 167410built
Mirador del Lago12built2003
Los Caudillos V12built2003
San Jerónimo XLIII10built2011(1)
A.Pe.L. VI10built2008