Mar del Plata

Mar del Plata is one of the major fishing ports and the biggest seaside beach resort in Argentina. It's located on the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in the Buenos Aires Province.

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Edificio Demetrio Eliades41built1969(2)
Edificio Cosmos39built1964(2)
Torres de Manantiales Apart Hotel - Torre Sol30built1988(2)
Torres de Manantiales Apart Hotel - Torre ...30built1988(2)
Bristol Center30built1973(1)
Edificio Eden26built1962(1)
Almeria I29built(1)
Nogamar I25built(1)
Maral 5725built2017(2)
Independencia 171722built(1)
Jachal 1024built(1)
Anser VII22built(1)
Maral 5822built2019(2)
Lumière Torre de Mar21built2009(1)
Mirador Cabo Corrientes20built1972(1)
Luro 236921built(1)
Maral 5020built2003(1)
Costa Azul II21built(1)
Costa Galana Hotel16built1995(1)
Maral 5921built2023(2)
Semar XI19built(1)
Mirador del Torreón18built1974
Colón 121218built1988(1)
Torres del Golf - Torre Alem18built2008(1)
Torre Costa Azul17built1961
Alfar Mar17built
Almafuerte 12117built(1)
Maral 4617built(1)
Edificio Pampero17built1976
Sheraton Hotel12built1996(1)
Torre del Parque17built1982
Maral 4517built(1)
Maral 3917built1986(1)
Torres Villa Regina18built1983
Torres del Golf - Torre Azcuenaga17built2008(1)
Edificio Zonda17built1978(1)
Residencias Roque Suárez16built2021
Maral 5416built2011
Maral 2716built
Edificio Puelche16built
Jujuy 153016built(1)
Almafuerte 16315built1993(1)
Falucho 198515built(1)
Nijocali LI14built
Barrancas de Playa Grande - 214built2008
San Francisco IV12built1960
Dumbledor Playa Chica Residence16built2009(1)
Edificio Ameztoy13built1963
Alem 507714built1980
Palcos del Golf13built2016
Avellaneda 2013built
Hipolito Yrigoyen 235115built
Alem 469513built
Maral 3213built
Edificio Kidma13built
Boulevard Marítimo 553713built1960
EG 1012built2016
Alem 455114built
Cronos VIII13built1993
Maires Punta Piedras12built2012
Edificio Gisell13built1965
Villa Luján12built2018
Sofía 412built2018
Biscayne Beach12built2012
Alem 391312built
San Francisco VI11built1965
Maral 5112built2006
Edificio Cantegrill10built1999
Apolo XVI13built1980
Sea View11built2010
Mar y Cielo11built
Saavedra 16510built1961
Roca 7412built
Club Sol Mar del Plata12built1994
San Francisco III11built
Roca 8011built
Dumbledor Plaza II11built2007
Aristóbulo del Valle 359011built1973
Neptuno XXX12built2006
Aristóbulo del Valle 342012built2017
Ripalda XVIII11built2005
Maral 5211built2008
Costa Brava11built1961
Alem 503711built
Alberti 2712built
Vistas de Playa Grande11built2008
Lisboa V11built1991
Ladamar II11built1991
Alvarado 6011built1966
San Francisco II10built
Boulevard Marítimo 393910built
Aristóbulo del Valle 332410built
Ameztoy I10built1961
Alem 431710built1999
Colón 11849built1963
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