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Nantong Zhongnan International Plaza53built2011(1)
Rongsheng Plaza Office Tower52on hold(1)
Run Hua International Center50on hold(1)
Harmony Square47built2016(1)
Rongsheng Plaza Tower B48on hold(1)
Gold Nugget Hotel40built2013(1)
Nantong Hotel52built2012(1)
Qidong Bo Holy Place43built2012
International Trade Center37built2010(1)
Orstar City42built2015(1)
Nantong International Mansion30built(1)
Xinqian International Plaza26built(1)
Nantong People's Government Building20built(1)
Insurance Mansionbuilt
Nan Tong You Fei Hotel18built
Asia-Pacific Building15built(1)
Wenfeng Mansionbuilt