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Gurgaon is in the metropolitian area of New Delhi.
• Delhi
• Noida


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Raheja Revanta56under construction
Ireo Victory Valley Tower A51built
Paras Quartier Iconic Tower49built2018
M3M Golf Estate Tower 442built2018
M3M Golf Estate Tower 242built2016
M3M Golf Estate Tower 142built2016
The Camellias39built2017
Ireo Victory Valley Tower B45built
Primanti Tower Residences T240built2015
Ireo Skyon Tower 140built2017
Primanti Tower Residences T738built2016
Primanti Tower Residences T138built2015
GYS Vision Tower A29built2018
The Crest - Tower A, B & C38built2018
Skyville Tower A36on hold
DLF The Primus Tower 332built2016
DLF The Primus Tower 132built2016
Ireo Victory Valley Tower C36built
Merlin Tower 734built2016
Paras Quartier Tower 132built2019
DLF The Primus Tower 431built2016
DLF The Primus Tower 231built2016
Primanti Tower Residences T634built2016
GYS Vision Tower C27built2017
GYS Vision Tower B27built2017
M3M Golf Estate Tower 330built2016
DLF The Belaire E30built2010
DLF The Belaire D30built2010
DLF The Belaire A-C30built2010
Skyville Tower C33on hold
Skyville Tower B33on hold
Mahindra Luminare Tower C32built2020
Mahindra Luminare Tower B32proposed
Mahindra Luminare Tower A32built2019
Primanti Tower Residences T530built2015
The Grand Arch Block F29built2013
The Grand Arch Block D29built2013
The Grand Arch Block B29built2013
Skyville Tower F31on hold
Skyville Tower E31on hold
Skyville Tower D31on hold
The Crest - Tower D, E & F29built2018
The Grand Arch Block H28built2013
Primanti Tower Residences T426built2015
Two Horizon Center24built2015
One Horizon Center24built2014
The Grand Arch23built2014
DLF Square Tower22built(1)
Merlin Tower 1026built2016
Merlin Tower 216built2016
DLF Corporate Greens 321built2013
DLF Corporate Greens 121built2013
DLF Windsor Court26built2000
Digital Greens Tower B20built2011
Primanti Tower Residences T322built2015
DLF Hamilton Court24built2001
Merlin Tower 122built2016
Merlin Tower 316built2015
Merlin Tower 5built2016
Merlin Tower 4built2016
DLF Regency Park III22built2000
DLF Regency Park II22built2000
DLF Regency Park I22built2000
Merlin Tower 616built2016
DLF Gateway Tower16built(1)
DLF Plaza Tower13built1998
Merlin Tower 9built2015
DLF Corporate Greens 213built2013
JMD Regent Square14built
Tata Primanti EA811built
Tata Primanti EA711built
Primanti Executive Apartments EA712built2015
Primanti Executive Apartments EA612built2015
Merlin Tower 8built2016