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Nest One Main Tower51built2023(1)
Tashkent TV Towerbuilt1985(2)
Piramit Tower47under construction
PSB Bank Financial Center33built2023(1)
Tashkent City Mall Office28built2023
Tashkent City Mall Hotel26built2023
Tashkent City Mall Residential Tower26built2023
Asaka Bank Financial Center26built2023
Aloqa Bank Financial Center26built2023
Nest One Ritz Carlton Hotel28built2023(1)
Nest One Office Tower28built2023(1)
NRG U-Tower26under construction
National Bank of Uzbekistan26built1995(2)
IT Park Twin Tower 225built2022
IT Park Twin Tower 125built2022
Modera Towers24built2022
Central Plaza Tower20under construction
IT Park Twin Tower 322built2022
InterContinental Tashkent Hotel20built2023
Trilliant Business Center 217built2023
Hilton Tashkent Hotel21built2019(1)
Trilliant Business Center 114built2023
International Business Center16built1999(1)
Uzbekistan Banking Association21built
Chorsu Hotel23built1982(1)
Hotel Uzbekistan18built1974
House of Press17built1972
State University of Economics14built1992
IT Park University18built2022
Ministry of Economy19built1972(1)
House of Consumer's Cooperative Societies15built1976
Centеr for International Relations Studies19built
4b Mustaqillik shoh ko'chasi17built1985(2)
3b Mustaqillik shoh ko'chasi17built1985(2)
2b Mustaqillik shoh ko'chasi17built1985(2)
1b Mustaqillik shoh ko'chasi17built1985(2)
13b Hamid Olimjon Maydoni17built1984(2)
12a Hamid Olimjon Maydoni17built1984(2)
11a Hamid Olimjon Maydoni17built1984(2)
10а Hamid Olimjon Maydoni17built1984(2)