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Solna is in the metropolitian area of Stockholm.
• Huddinge
• Stockholm


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Quality Hotel Friends24built2013(1)
Höga Husen - Solna Central V21built2019
Höga Husen - Solna Central IV21built2019
Höga Husen - Solna Central III21built2015
Höga Husen - Solna Central II21built2015
Höga Husen - Solna Central I21built2015
Solna Stadshus17built1964(1)
Park Inn Solna15built1963(1)
Bagartorpsringen 8016built1960(1)
Hagalundsgatan 8-1414built1973(1)
Hagalundsgatan 40-4614built1972(1)
Hagalundsgatan 35-4314built1971(1)
Hagalundsgatan 30-3614built1972(1)
Hagalundsgatan 25-3114built1971(1)
Hagalundsgatan 18-2414built1973(1)
Hagalundsgatan 11-1714built1971(1)
Hagalundsgatan 1-714built1971(1)
Bagartorpsringen 7815built1960(1)
Bagartorpsringen 7015built1960(1)
Bagartorpsringen 6215built1959(1)
Bagartorpsringen 5815built1960(1)