Formerly known as Daejon.

A city of central South Korea south-southeast of Seoul. It is an agricultural center and a railroad hub.

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Daejeon Science Complex43built2021(1)
Hillstate Daejeon The Sky49under construction(1)
Geumgang Exllu Tower 11150built2012(2)
Geumgang Exllu Tower 11050built2012(2)
Geumgang Exllu Tower 10850built2012(2)
Geumgang Exllu Tower 10750built2012(2)
Geumgang Exllu Tower 10650built2012(2)
Geumgang Exllu Tower 10550built2012(2)
Geumgang Exllu Tower 10350built2012(2)
Geumgang Exllu Tower 10250built2012(2)
Korail Headquarters Tower B28built2009(2)
Korail Headquarters Tower A28built2009(2)
Smart City 50239built2008(1)
Smart City 20239built2008(1)
West Daejeon Station Sky Palace 10240built2018(1)
West Daejeon Station Sky Palace 10140built2018(1)
Smart City 20336built2008(1)
Yuseong Xi 10240built2010(1)
Yuseong Xi 10140built2010(1)
Dongil Suite River Sky 11143built2021
Smart City 50135built2008(1)
Science Town35built2013(1)
Smart City 20138built2008(1)
Dongil Suite River Sky 11040built2021
Smart City 50332built2008(1)
Dongil Suite River Sky 11239built2021
KAMCO Capital Tower22built1999(1)
Geumgang Exllu Tower 11236built2012(1)
Geumgang Exllu Tower 10936built2012(1)
Geumgang Exllu tower 10436built2012(1)
Geumgang Exllu Tower 10136built2012(1)
West Daejeon Station Koaru Summit32built2021(1)
Dongil Suite River Sky 10937built2021
Noeun Hanwha Dream Green 20935built2014
Noeun Hanwha Dream Green 10135built2014
Dongil Suite River Sky 10336built2021
Doan Richeville 170635built2014(1)
Doan Richeville 170535built2014(1)
Daejeon City Hall21built1999(1)
Dongil Suite River Sky 10835built2021
Dongil Suite River Sky 10435built2021
Doan Lynn Full house 180734built2014
Doan Lynn Full house 180634built2014
Doan Lynn Full house 180534built2014
Doan Lynn Full house 180434built2014
Doan Lynn Full house 180334built2014
Jukdong Daewon Cantaville 20633built2017
Jukdong Daewon Cantaville 20533built2017
Samsung Life Insurance Daejeon Dunsan Buil...24built2010(1)
Yuseong Xi 10332built2010(1)
Teachers Pension Daejeon Dunsan Hall20built1998(1)
SK Telecom Building20built2004(1)
Doan Lynn Full house 181232built2014
Dongil Suite River Sky 10533built2021
Geumgang Central Park Seohee Star Hills 11233built2020
Geumgang Central Park Seohee Star Hills 11033built2020
Munhwadong House Story 230built2010
Doan Richeville 170332built2014(1)
Doan Richeville 170232built2014(1)
Yuseong Prugio City29built2014
Noeun Hanwha Dream Green 10732built2014
Noeun Hanwha Dream Green 20831built2014
Noblesse Tower24built2006(1)
The Fourth Government Complex Tower IV21built1994(1)
The Fourth Government Complex Tower III21built1994(1)
The Fourth Government Complex Tower II21built1994(1)
The Fourth Government Complex Tower I21built1994(1)
Korea Teachers' Credit Union Daejeon Hall18built2002(1)
Dongil Suite River Sky 10132built2021
Yuseong CJ Nine Park27built2008
Noeun Gyeryong Richeville 10731built2015
Doan Richeville 170931built2014(1)
Noeun Hanwha Dream Green 20328built2014
Doan Richeville 170831built2014(1)
Doan Richeville 170431built2014(1)
Doan Richeville 170131built2014(1)
Doan Lynn Full house 181131built2014
Doan Lynn Full house 180231built2014
Doan Lynn Full house 180131built2014
Sinan Innsville Rivera 80530built2012
Sinan Innsville Rivera 80330built2012
Noeun Hanwha Dream Green 20131built2014
Munhwa-dong Central Star Class26built2013
Noeun Hanwha Dream Green 20730built2014
Dongil Suite River Sky 10731built2021
Dongil Suite River Sky 10631built2021
Dongil Suite River Sky 10231built2021
Doan Richeville 171030built2014(1)
Noeun Gyeryong Richeville 10630built2015
Noeun Gyeryong Richeville 10530built2015
Korea Land Corporation Daejeon Chungnam Re...16built2008(1)
Doan Lynn Full house 180930built2014
Doan Lynn Full house 180830built2014
Jukdong Daewon Cantaville 20430built2017
Noeun Hanwha Dream Green 20230built2014
Munhwa-dong House Story30built2007
Jukdong Daewon Cantaville 21129built2017
Geumgang Central Park Seohee Star Hills 11130built2020
Noeun Gyeryong Richeville 10429built2015
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