La Paz

La Paz is the seat of government and the main city of Bolivia. Placed on a big depression at 3600m height at the edge of the vast plain formed between two branches where is divided the Andes Mountains on their entrance to Bolivia. Along with the city of El Alto becomes an extension of 470Km2, forming the largest urban agglomerate and most populous of the country, with 1,833.247 inhabitants (projection to 2010).

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Green Tower40built2022(1)
Torres del Poeta36built2018(1)
Torre Girasoles38built2013(2)
Edificio Multicentro (Torre B)29built1995(1)
Banco Central de Bolivia28built1980(3)
Torre de las Americas29built1979(2)
Edificio Alameda28built1967(2)
Torres Gundlach28built1996(1)
Edificio Alcazar28built1998
Edificio Alianza30built1983(1)
Torre Azul24built(1)
Edificio Mario Mercado26built2014(1)
Palacio de Comunicaciones23built1976(1)
Edíficio Santa Isabel28built(1)
Edificio German26built(1)
Torre Zafiro24built2013(1)
Edificio Hansa24built1979(1)
Edificio Illimani25built(1)
Hotel Presidente22built1991(1)
Edificio del Ministerio de Economia y Fina...22built(1)
Edificio Arcadia21built(1)
Torre Julieta25built
Edificio Yocapri III25built2012
Edificio Fernando V24built
Edificio Cobija24built
Edificio Calama24built
Torre Cinal20built2010(1)
Edificio Maria Emma23built2012(1)
Edificio Ana Maria21built2012
Condominio C & C18built2012
Edificio Parque Miraflores23built
Edificio Leonardo Da Vinci24built
Edificio Czapek19built
Edificio Escorial21built
Torre Asturias Miraflores22built2012
Torre Grandezza21built2012
Edificio Las Dos Torres21built
Edificio Altamira21built
Torre Empresarial Cadeco20built2008(1)
Edificio Artemis20built
Edificio Oasis del Sur19built2012
Edificio San Pablo19built2008
Edificio Orion23built1980
Edificio Maria Julia21built(1)
Edificio El Roble21built
Edificio Torreluz19built2013
Torre Nova20built2013
Torre Ventura22built2012
Edificio Atlanta20built2012
Edificio Jardiel19built2009
Edificio Fabiana Andrea19built2013
Edificio De La Universidad Mayor De San An...17built1948(1)
Edificio Valentina20built2010
Edificio Yocapri II19built2012
Edificio Isabelita20built
Edificio Girasoles20built2009
Edificio Arkansas19built2010
Edificio de la Universidad del Valle19built
Condominio Priscila17built2012
Radisson Plaza Hotel16built1976(1)
Torre Hilda18built
Edificio Inty Wara19built2009
Torre C&C18built2010
Edificio Inchauste Zelaya18built
Edificio Marsella19built2009
Edificio Sky Tower18built2012
Torre Montecristo17built2011
Torre Mahil's16built2012
Hotel Camino Real15built1993
Torre Murano17built2012
Edificio Titanium17built2012
Torre SSU16built
Ritz Hotel15built1995
Torre Los Jardines18built
Yocapri 182417built2009
Edificio Maria Cristina17built2012
Edificio Venecia16built2010
Edificio del Banco Bisa16built
Torre Carolina16built2013
Edificio El Saber16built
Edificio Mercedes - Torre Sur16built1994
Edificio Mercedes - Torre Norte16built1994
Edificio Monte Carlo17built2009
Torre Nuestra Señora del Carmen15built
Hotel Europa13built1997
Edificio Handal Center15built
Edificio Acacia15built2012
Hotel Camino Real Suites13built2002
Edificio Jardin16built1993
Edificio Torre Lydia15built
Edificio COBEE-SESA12built2010
Torre Lucia12built
Hotel Plaza13built
Edificio San Patricio13built
Edificio Illimani 213built2011
Universidad San Francisco de Asis12built
Edificio Soboce Torres A y B11built1998
Hotel Casa Grande12built
Torre Molino12built
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