The capital city of Kazakhstan since 1997.
The fortress was founded in 1830. Before 1961 the city had name Akmolinsk, in 1961—1992 Tselinograd, in 1992—1998 Akmola, in 1998—2019 Astana.

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World Trade Centerproposed(1)
Abu Dhabi Plaza88built2021(4)
The Emerald Tower 145built2012(3)
The Seven Towers 160proposed
Northern Lights Tower 142built2008(1)
Kazakhstan Railways Building 240built2010(1)
The Emerald Towers - Tower 243built2012(1)
Kazakhstan Railways Building 137built2010(1)
The Emerald Towers - Tower 337built2010(2)
Ministry of Transportation & Telecommunica...36built2002(2)
Northern Lights Tower 237built2010(1)
World Trade Center 2proposed
Talan A30built2016(1)
Grand Alatau 343built2009(1)
Triumph of Astana39built2006(1)
Grand Alatau 438built2009(1)
Abu Dhabi Plaza Office Tower I31built2019
Northern Lights Tower 332built2009(1)
Beijing Palace25built2009(1)
Abu Dhabi Plaza Office Tower II29built2019
Talan B26built2016(1)
Watergreen Boulevard Complex28built2010(1)
Khan Shatyr Residences Tower A25built2012(1)
Grand Astana Block F530built2011(1)
Grand Astana Block F430built2011(1)
Grand Astana Block F330built2011(1)
Grand Astana Block F230built2011(1)
Grand Astana Block F130built2011(1)
Business Center 7th Continent22built2006(2)
Moskva Park25built2010(1)
Kazyna Tower II21built2007(1)
Kazyna Tower I21built2007(1)
Astana Media Center24built2012(1)
Grand Astana Block E230built2010
Grand Astana Block C330built2010
Grand Astana Block C230built2010
Grand Astana Block C130built2010
Mazhilis Building22built2004(1)
Government House21built2005(1)
Nur Alem Pavilion6built2017(1)
Grand Alatau 228built2008(1)
KazMunayGaz World Headquarters18built2003
Baikonur Tower 325built2010
Baikonur Tower 225built2010
Baikonur Tower 125built2010
Lukoil Overseas Building23built2009
Astana Twin Towers II27built1998(1)
Astana Twin Towers I27built(1)
Astana Tower22built2001(1)
Okan Inter-Continental Hotel22built
Saint Petersburg Business Center21built2008(1)
Asia Park Business Center Phase I22built2012
Grand Alatau 120built2008(1)
Azure Quarter Residential Tower 424built2011
Highvill Astana Block D23built2011
Highvill Astana Block B23built2008
Highvill Astana Block A23built2007
Okan InterContinental Astana22built1998
Senate Building15built2006(1)
Abu Dhabi Plaza Residential Tower17built2018
Azure Quarter Residential Tower 322built2011
Okan Merei Interconti 220built2007
Okan Merei Interconti 120built2007
Astana Residences 718built2001(1)
Astana Residences 618built2001(1)
Astana Residences 518built2001(1)
Astana Residences 418built2001(1)
Astana Residences 318built2001(1)
Astana Residences 218built2001(1)
Astana Residences 118built2001(1)
Khan Shatyr Residences Tower B20built2012
Azure Quarter Residential Tower 220built2011
Grand Astana Block E119built2009
7th Continent Tower 518built2006
7th Continent Tower 418built2006
7th Continent Tower 318built2006
7th Continent Tower 218built2006
7th Continent Tower 118built2006
Grand Astana Block D19built2010
Grand Astana Block B19built2010
Grand Astana Block A19built2010
House of Ministries II14built2007
House of Ministries I14built2007
Abu Dhabi Plaza Hotel Tower14built2017
Zhagalau - 3 Tower C16built2011(1)
Zhagalau - 3 Tower B16built2011(1)
Zhagalau - 3 Tower A16built2011(1)
Seven Barrels Tower II16built2003
Seven Barrels Tower I16built2003
Eurasian Industrial Association Building13built2009
Astana Concert Hallbuilt2010
Azure Quarter Residential Tower 114built2010
Seven Barrels Tower V12built2004
Seven Barrels Tower IV12built2004
Seven Barrels Tower III12built2004
Zhagalau - 3 Tower P12built2011(1)
Zhagalau - 3 Tower O12built2011(1)
Zhagalau - 3 Tower N12built2011(1)
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