San Juan

San Juan is the capital and largest city of Puerto Rico, and located in the Northern Central Plains region. The city consists of 7 wards.

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Ashford & Earle35proposed
833 Calle Lince25built
Aquablue II31on hold
Aquablue I31built2011
Condominio Parque de las Fuentes24built
Plaza Immaculada I26built1989
Plaza Immaculada II26built1990
Condominio Ashford Imperial25built
AquaLuna I28proposed
Edificio Bankers Finance21built1975(1)
Miradores de Venus23built
Quantum Metrocenter II26built2011
Quantum Metrocenter I26built2011
AquaLuna II27proposed
Gallery Plaza Tower B25built2011
Gallery Plaza Tower A25built2011
Condominio Segovia22built
Coliseum Tower Residences26built2007(1)
Miramar Plaza23built1979
Caribbean Sea View28built1997
Westernbank World Plaza22built1990(1)
Plaza Stella16built2004
Plaza Universidad 200021built
Condominio Puerta del Condado21built
Condominio Plaza del Rey21built
Condominio Condado del Mar21built1967
Caribe Hilton Torre Residencial23built2015
Edificio Popular Center19built(1)
San Juan Marriott Resort21built
Ocean Tower20built1963
Eurobank Building18built1992
Condominio Las Americas 221built
Condominio Las Americas 121built
Saint Mary's Plaza20built
Prudencio Rivera Martinez Building20built
Edificio Allied Tower20built
Caribe Hilton22built1949
Tower Building21built1972
Torre del Mar23built1973
Caribe Plaza23built2008
Condominio Hato Rey Plaza22built1975
Minillas South Tower17built1973
Edificio Mercantil Plaza16built1974
Hill Top Mansions19built
Condominio Sky Tower 319built
Condominio Las Gladiolas B19built
Condominio Las Gladiolas A19built
American International Plaza16built1991(1)
Minillas North Tower17built1973
Condominio Galeria Nuevo Centro 119built
Condominio Candina Reef18built
Torre del Cardenal21built2012
Edificio Bank of Nova Scotia15built(1)
BBVA Plaza15built1969(2)
BBVA Plaza15built1969
Torre Cibeles II19built2012
Torre Cibeles I19built2011
New Center Plaza17built
National Plaza Building17built
Edificio Union Plaza17built
Condominio Las Gladiolas 30117built
Condominio Las Gladiolas 30017built
Condominio Chateau San Juan17built
Condominio Candina Sea Tower17built
Condominio Atrium Plaza 217built
Banktrust Plaza17built
Condominio Montecielo15built
Metro Plaza Towers II20built2009
Metro Plaza Towers I20built2009
Regency Condado Plaza18proposed
Mirador del Parque Torre II17built2008
Mirador del Parque Torre I17built2008
Centro Comprensivo de Cáncer12built2016
Edificio El Caribe16built1970
Condominio Sky Tower 216built
Condominio Sky Tower 116built
Condominio El Aranjuez16built
Condominio Condado Princess16built
The Residence at the Park16built2010
Torre Chardón15built2001
Torre Banco Santander15built
Miramar Towers15built
Jard de Valencia15built
Edificio Puerto Rico Home Mortgage15built
Edificio Caso15built
Edificio Capital Center 215built
Condominio Venus Plaza15built
Condominio Teide15built
Condominio Ocean Park Tower15built
Condominio Hato Rey15built
Condominio Granada15built
Condominio El Ferrol15built
Condominio El Escorial15built
Condominio El Duero15built
Condominio Cadiz15built
Condominio Bilbao15built
Condominio Baldorioty Plaza15built
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