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Minsk Gazprom Headquarters36on hold(1)
Perspolis39on hold
The Parus32built2014(1)
Royal Plaza33built2013(1)
Belbyttechproject Building20built1982(1)
DoubleTree by Hilton21built2016
Belarus Hotel22built1987(1)
The National Library of Belarus23built2006(1)
U Troitskogo25built2013
Alexandrov Passage19built2008(1)
44 Masherov Av.20built1991(1)
42 Masherov Av.20built1986(1)
Ulitsa Shugaeva 921built
Ulitsa Shugaeva 721built
Ulitsa Shugaeva 1121built
54 Building 3 Kalinovsky Street20built1976(1)
Ulitsa Lesi Ukrainki 6/420built
Ulitsa Lesi Ukrainki 6/320built
Ulitsa Lesi Ukrainki 6/220built
Ulitsa Lesi Ukrainki 6/120built
Prospekt Rokossovskogo 6420built2004
Prospekt Gazety Pravda 4620built2005
Prospekt Gazety Pravda 4420built2005
24 b. 2 Vera Khoruzhaya St.16built1982(1)
22 Vera Khoruzhaya St.16built(1)
18 b. 1 Vera Khoruzhaya St.16built1988(1)
14 Vera Khoruzhaya St.16built1992(1)
10 b. 1/63 Vera Khoruzhaya St.16built1997(1)
Ulitsa Leshchinskogo 3919built2006
Ulitsa Leshchinskogo 3519built2006
Ulitsa Golubeva 2119built2006
Ulitsa Golubeva 1919built2006
Prospekt Rokossovskogo 123/B19built2006
Prospekt Rokossovskogo 123/A19built2006
54 Building 2 Kalinovsky St.18built(1)
Ulitsa Alibegova 1017built2005
BNTU 15th Building14built1983(1)
54 Building 1 Kalinovsky St.16built(1)
43 Slavinsky St.16built(1)
Office of National Olympic Committee15built2013
Magnet of Minsk Hotel Tower11on hold
Radisson Olympic Hotel10built2014
Magnet of Minsk Office Tower10on hold