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State Tower23built1928(2)
AXA Tower II20built1973(3)
AXA Tower I20built1965(3)
Clinton Towers23built1976(1)
John H. Mulroy - Onondaga County Civic Center16built1976(1)
Toomey Abbott Towers24built1968(2)
Jefferson Tower23built1967(1)
Lawrinson Hall21built1965(1)
Bernardine Apartments23built1973(1)
Chase Tower18built1974(2)
Marx Hotel20built1969(1)
James M. Hanley U.S. Courthouse and Federa...16built(1)
Townsend Towers21built1972(2)
Harrison House21built1974(1)
Brighton Towers II18built1970(1)
Brighton Towers I18built1973(1)
Hills Building12built(1)
Chimes Building12built(1)
Onondaga County Courthouse4built1906(1)
University Hospital East Tower12built2009
Madison Towers14built1975(1)
Hotel Syracuse Radisson Plaza12built1924(1)
Onbank Building10built1897(1)
HSBC Bank Building15built(1)
Crouse Hospital12built
Skyline Apartments12built1953(1)
475 South Salina Street15built(1)
Almus Olver Towers13built1963(1)
New York State Office Building8built1956(1)
University Hospital11built
Bishop David B. Cunningham Hall12built1974
University Building10built1897(1)
Snow Building10built1905(1)
Verizon Building8built1928(1)
Brewster Hall13built1968
Vinette Towers12built(1)
Regency Towers Apartments14built1961
Syracuse VA Medical Center11built1957
Haven Hall12built1964(1)
Imperial Gardens Apartments12built1960
Hawthorn Suites Hotel11built(1)
Ross Towers Apartments - East Tower12built
Verizon Building10built(1)
Sadler Hall10built
Ross Towers Apartments - West Tower10built
One Park Place10built1974
Clark Tower10built(1)
Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Central New ...10built(1)
Niagara Mohawk Building7built1932
City Hall Commons7built(1)
Bank of American Building6built1876(1)
Syracuse City Hall5built1892(1)