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Rhodes State Office Tower41built1973(4)
LeVeque Tower47built1927(2)
William Green Building33built1990(1)
Huntington Center37built1984(4)
Vern Riffe State Office Tower32built1988(3)
One Nationwide Plaza40built1978(4)
Franklin County Courthouse27built1991(3)
AEP Building31built1983(4)
Borden Building34built1974(3)
North Market Tower35proposed
Millennial Tower28proposed
Three Nationwide Plaza27built1988(2)
Harmony Tower30proposed
One Columbus Center26built1987(1)
Columbus Center25built1965(1)
Capitol Square26built1984(1)
Continental Center26built1973(2)
Hilton Tower28built2022
Motorists Mutual Building21built1973(3)
National City Bank Building25built1976(1)
Miranova Condominiums26built2000(1)
Fifth Third Center25built1998(1)
Arthur G. James Cancer Hospital21built2014
Midland Building21built1970(2)
Franklin County Municipal Court19built1979(1)
The Condominiums at North Bank Park20built2007(1)
Morrill Tower Dormitory24built1965(1)
Lincoln Tower Dormitory24built1965(1)
Hyatt Regency Columbus20built1980(1)
Key Bank Building20built1963(1)
Two Nationwide Plaza18built1981
Sheraton Columbus Hotel at Capitol Square22built
Adam's Mark Hotel16built1961(1)
Town Center17built(1)
Baldwin Tower16built1951
8 East Broad Street17built1906(1)
Waterford Tower19built1988(1)
University Hospitals East16built1970(1)
Huntington Bank Building13built1926(1)
Columbia Gas of Ohio Building15built1983(1)
Ohio Courts Building14built1933(1)
Thompson Memorial Library13built1912
Ohio State Brain and Spine Hospital13built1990
16 East Broad Street13built1900(1)
Buckeye Building15built1927(1)
US Bank Tower13built1981(1)
Huntington Plaza12built1965
Ameritech Building14built1955(1)
The Mondrian15proposed
Atlas Building12built1905(1)
Park Towers16built1961(1)
Taylor Tower14built1966
JLCC Rehabilitation Center13built1986
Brunson Building12built1901
Doubletree Hotel15built(1)
Wyandotte Building12built1898
OPERS Building Addition12built2003
Miranova Corporate Tower12built2001
Gravity 2.012under construction
Grange Mutual Companies Building12built1976
500 South Front12built1990
High-Long Building12built1926
The Canterbury15built1965
Sawyer Towers West15built1965
Sawyer Towers East15built1965
School Employees Retirement System Building11built2001
Law & Finance Building13built1923
Rhodes Hall12built1951
Jones Graduate Tower14built1969
Lazarus Government Center10built1939
Biomedical Research Tower10built2006
Nazareth Towers14built
Drackett Tower14built1965
Physician's Building11built
Vernal G. Riffe Jr. Building10built1994
Hall of Justice10built1973
Fisher Hall10built1998
Mount Vernon Plaza Senior Apartments13built
Parks Edge12built2017
Grant Medical Center11built1961
Holiday Inn Columbus-East Airport Area12built
Crowne Plaza Downtown12built1987
Capital Plaza Parking Garage12built1975
Fawcett Center for Tomorrow10built1970
33 North High10built1904
109 North Front10built
The Blackwell at Fisher College10built2002
Holiday Inn Columbus-City Center12built
Harrison Apartments12built1966
Stradley Hall11built1959
Steeb Hall11built1960
Smith Hall11built1959
Park Hall11built1959
Morrison Tower11built1962
Scioto Peninsula Phase II34proposed
Ohio State University Wexner Medical Cente...26under construction
Sunshine Terrace11built
Jaycee Arms11built1972
Holiday Inn Columbus, OSU Area11built1973
Bollinger Tower11built
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