Formerly known as Hoihow.

A city of southern China on Hainan Island in the South China Sea. A seaport and industrial center, it is the capital of Hainan province.

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Haikou Tower 194under construction(1)
Haikou Tower 2proposed(1)
Free Trade Times Square56built2022(1)
Landmark Tower51built2019(1)
HNA Center52under construction
HNA International Plaza54built2015(2)
CCCC International Free Trade Center44under construction
Hainan Tower45built2015(1)
Hainan Tianyi International Building49built2008(1)
Mingguang Hotel48built(1)
Internet Finance Building B36built2018(1)
Internet Finance Building A36built2018(1)
China Towers Office Building 136built1996
China Towers Apartments 236built1996
HNA Building38built2008(1)
Bao Hua Harbour View Hotel30built1996(1)
China Towers Apartments 335built1996
SEG International Plaza38built
Huafa Mansion36built2003(1)
Garden Plaza32built
Golden Seaview Hotel33built1995(1)
Internet Finance Building C23built2018(1)
People's Hospital of Haikou City21built2011(1)
Huandao Tide Hotel27built
Hainan Mandarin Hotel22built
Haikou International Financial Centre22built
Golden Coast Lawton Hotel 212built
Golden Coast Lawton Hotel 112built
Haikou Meilan International Airportbuilt1999(1)