Klaipeda is Lithuania's third largest city, and only seaport. Situated at the mouth of the Curonian Lagoon, the city has a ferry terminal that connects Lithuania to Denmark, Sweden, and Germany.

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City Klaipeda B37proposed(1)
City Klaipeda A34proposed(1)
BIG2 225built2009(1)
BIG2 322built2009(1)
BIG2 122built2009(1)
K Tower21built2006(5)
D Tower21built2006(3)
Aukstoji Smelte20built2009(1)
Klaipedos Bure22built2009(1)
Dragunu Street 119built2009
Minijos Banga Apartments20built2007(3)
Pamario Bustas18built2007
Neapolis Business Centre16built2007(1)
Baltijos Avenue Tower15built2002(2)
Smilteles Gatve 915built
Smilteles Gatve 715built
Smilteles Gatve 515built
Smilteles Gatve 1315built
Hotel Klaipeda12built1985(1)
Simonaitytes Gatve 2914built
Simonaitytes Gatve 2714built
Vetrunges Pasazas13built2001(1)
Taikos Prospektas 9913built
Taikos Prospektas 9713built
Taikos Prospektas 9513built
Taikos Prospektas 10713built
Taikos Prospektas 10313built
Kretingos Gatve 813built
Vite Business Center Tower 29built2009
Vite Business Center Tower 19built2009
Taikos prospektas 4A12built2007
Kretingos 4312built
Karklu Gatve 212built
Arkada Building 120A9built2010
Arkada Building 118A9built2009
Arkada Building 1189built2009