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New Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe28built1997(1)
Karigamombe Centre20built1985(1)
Pearl Assurance House17built1959(1)
Livingstone House20built(1)
Millennium Towers19built2000(1)
Earl Grey Building21built
Kaguvi Building18built
Southampton Life Centre18built1996
Old Mutual Centre18built
Monomatapa Hotel19built1971(1)
Trust Towers16built
Hurudza House16built
Fidelity Life Tower16built
Angwa Centre16built2000
Ambassador Hotel21built1995
UDC Centre15built
Causeway Post Office Building14built
Rainbow Towers Hotel18built1986
Runhare House13built
Compensation House13built
NSSA House12built1997
Megawatt House12built
Kopje Plaza12built
Construction House12built
International Hotel13built
Meikles Hotel12built1995