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Denburn Court21built1972(1)
Seamount Court19built1966(1)
Marischal Court19built1969(1)
Woodhill Court19built1969(1)
Oldcroft Court19built1969(1)
Castleton Court19built1969(1)
Beechwood Court19built1969(1)
Greig Court19built1977(1)
St Machar Court19built(1)
King's Court19built(1)
Grandholm Court19built(1)
Elphinstone Court19built(1)
Donside Court19built(1)
Regent Court19built1977(1)
Promenade Court19built1977(1)
Northsea Court19built1974(1)
Linksfield Court19built1977(1)
Beechview Court19built1975(1)
Bayview Court19built1977(1)
Aulton Court19built1977(1)
Salvesen Tower11built1977
Aberdeen College Gallowgate Centre9built
St. Machar House10built1977
AU Agricultural Building10built