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Canberra Tower25built1964(2)
Millbrook Tower25built1963(1)
Norwich House16built(1)
Redbridge Tower19built(1)
Mercury Point17built2004
Dukes Keep15built(1)
Frobisher House13built
South Stoneham House16built
Capital House13built(1)
Millbank House16built
Albion Towers16built
Shirley Towers16built
Richmond House13built
Oceana Boulevard14built2006
Jurys Inn Southampton14built2005
Sturminster House15built
Brunswick House13built
Queens Keep12built
Castle House14built(1)
Rotterdam Towers14built(1)
Oslo Towers14built(1)
Havre Towers14built(1)
Hampton Towers14built(1)
Copenhagen Towers14built(1)
Brampton Tower14built
Meredith Towers14built(1)
Hightown Towers14built(1)
Dumbleton Towers14built(1)
Holiday Inn Southampton10built