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The Blade33proposed
East Side Plaza26built2008(1)
Ladywood House24built1971(1)
Europa House18built1969(1)
Zurich House15built1973(1)
Sara Robinson House21built(1)
Millgate House21built(1)
Nickleby House18built(1)
Barkis House18built(1)
Tipton House18built(1)
Solihull House18built(1)
Leamington House18built(1)
Handsworth House18built(1)
Edgbaston House18built(1)
Barnard Tower13built(1)
Trafalgar Hall15built2003(1)
Brunel House12built(1)
Wingfield House11built(1)
Baltic House11built(1)
Rose Tower13built(1)
Pickwick House13built1963(1)
Copperfield House13built(1)