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85 Sky Tower85built1997(7)
The One68built2019(2)
KingTown - Museum Project61proposed
Chang-Gu World Trade Center50built1992(5)
Dream Mall Phase II - Hotel Tower51proposed
Grand Han-Lai Hotel42built1995(4)
Dream Mall Phase II - Residential Tower II51proposed
Dream Mall Phase II - Residential Tower I51proposed
Dream Mall Phase II - Residential Tower III51proposed
Guo-Yan Building BC41built2013(2)
Asia-Pacific Financial Plaza42built1992(4)
Linden Hotel41built1994(5)
King's Residence42built2016(2)
Kaohsiung Marriott Hotel32built2020
Highwealth - City of Leadership Tower II38built2016(1)
Highwealth - City of Leadership Tower I38built2016(1)
Vespi Tower32built1998(3)
Main Public Library Phase II27built2020(1)
Ba Ba - Central Park39built2015(1)
Guo-Yan Building A38built2013
Kaohsiung Twin Tower35built1996(2)
Highwealth - King Castle37built2014(1)
King's Town Hyatt32built2009(1)
Dali Palace35built2014(1)
Bao-Cheng Enterprise Tower37built1991(3)
Wang-Xiang Central Plaza30built2000(3)
CSC Headquarters29built2012(2)
Shr-Hwa Financial Center30built1996(2)
Skytower Kaohsiung37built1998(1)
Cathay Shi-Wei Financial Center27built2001(1)
Dream Mall Phase II - Office Tower27proposed
Bai-Li Ocean Empire24built2001(1)
Manhattan Financial Plaza25built1997(1)
Times Regal Tower29built(1)
Bao-Cheng Century Plaza28built1987(1)
Windsor Castle Tower A32built2012
Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Dor...30built(1)
Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Dor...30built(1)
Kaohsiung Chang Gung Memorial Hospital Dor...30built(1)
Pen Yeh - Palace28built2017
Long Terng29built2018(1)
Nobel Tower D37built1998(1)
Nobel Tower C37built1998(1)
Nobel Tower B37built1998(1)
Nobel Tower A37built1998(1)
King's Hyatt (Jing Yue)30built2011
Highwealth - Avenue des Champs30built2018(1)
KingTown - Green Emerald29built2017(1)
Kao Jian - Dresden29built2010(1)
Fu-Mao Yue-Ran29built2016
Asia New Bay Area28built2016(1)
ChingWon - The Aesthete31built2015(1)
ChingWon - Cultural Center Shou Fu31built2018(1)
Type - Meishu Jun Lin29built2016(1)
Museum of Modern Art29built2019(1)
Huang Yuann - Yu Bao29built2017(2)
Fu-Mao Shou Shan C29built2009(1)
Fu-Mao Shou Shan B29built2009(1)
Fu-Mao Shou Shan A29built2009(1)
Lih Jing- Jing Yan E28built2014
Lih Jing- Jing Yan B28built2014
Lih Jing- Jing Yan A28built2014
Le Dôme Ju Dan E28built2014
Le Dôme Ju Dan B28built2014
Le Dôme Ju Dan A28built2014
Huang Yuann - The Imperial Garden28built2014
Da Zhong Finance Building28built1998(1)
KingTown - The Peak30built2015
Yungshin Tian-Run29built2012
Cathay R1328built2017(1)
Dinyue Art Garden B27built2007(1)
Dinyue Art Garden A27built2006(1)
Windsor Castle Tower B30built2012
Howard Plaza Hotel Kaohsiung30built(1)
Long Terng - Shan Hai Hui29built2016
Yungshin Zhi-Shan-Yi-Pin A30built2007(1)
Silks Place Kaohsiung28built2017
Cathay Business Tower30built1994(1)
Asia Business Centre28built(1)
Taiwan Leader Enterprise Tower 127built1991(1)
Cultural Summit B30built2009(1)
Cultural Summit A30built2009(1)
Dinyue Art Museum29built2004(1)
Great Zhongshan Capital28built1998(1)
Yungshin Li-Yuan27built2015(1)
King's Town Longhua Project30built2013
Chang-Yang Love the World30built1999
Kaohsiung HH26built2016(1)
Dinyue Art Star C27built2009(1)
Dinyue Art Star B27built2009(1)
Dinyue Art Star A27built2009(1)
Belle Epoque le Meurice Tower C27built2011(1)
Belle Epoque le Meurice Tower B27built2011(1)
Belle Epoque le Meurice Tower A27built2011(1)
Taiwan Leader Enterprise Tower 230built1992(3)
Minfar Crystal28built2017(1)
Yungshin Yang-Sen28built2012
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