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Landmark 8181built2018(4)
Bitexco Financial Tower68built2010(3)
Spirit of Saigon West Tower55under construction(1)
Spirit of Saigon East Tower48under construction(1)
Vietcombank Tower35built2015
Saigon One42under construction(1)
Saigon Center Phase Two42built2017
Times Square43built2012(1)
Petroland Tower30built2011(1)
Dragon City 235built2012
Dragon City 135built2012
The EverRich II37built2014
Sunwah Pearl50built
Saigon Trade Center33built1997(1)
Cantavil Premier Tower 236built2013
Cantavil Premier Tower 136built2013
Sunrise City Tower 435built2012
Sunrise City Tower 335built2012
Sunrise City Tower 235built2012
Sunrise City Tower 135built2012
PV Power Landmark Tower33built
Saigon Pearl Tower II38built2007
Saigon Pearl Tower I38built2007
Saigon Pearl Tower III37built2010
Sunrise City Tower 933built2013
Sunrise City Tower 833built2013
Sunrise City Tower 733built2013
Sunrise City Tower 633built2013
Sunrise City Tower 1033built2013
The Sun City Tower 232built2013
The Sun City Tower 132built2013
Sunrise City Tower 530built2013
Lim Tower34built2013(1)
Sunrise City Tower 1235built2016
Sunrise City Tower 1135built2016
Alpha Town30on hold
Hung Vuong Plaza29built2008
Vincom Center28built2010(1)
Richland Emerald Tower28built2009
The Everrich 225built2009
The Everrich 125built2009
Thuan Kieu Plaza III33built(1)
Kumho Asian Plaza Apartment32built2009
Thuan Kieu Plaza II30built(1)
Thuan Kieu Plaza I30built(1)
Saigon Center Phase One25built1997
Sailing Tower23built2008
The Manor30built2006
Zeus Building 428built2011
Zeus Building 328built2011
Zeus Building 228built2011
Zeus Building 128built2011
A&B Tower25built2010
Thao Dien Pearl Tower B30built2014
Thao Dien Pearl Tower A30built2014
Tan Da Court25built2007
An Dong Plaza25built2005
Me Linh Point22built1999
Sheraton Towers25built1999
Diamond Plaza22built1999
Gemadept Tower22built2008
Happy Valley Building M28built2015
Happy Valley Building A28built2015
Bitexco Building21built2002
Golden Tower17built2008
Blooming Park Tower 228built2009
Saigon Riverside Office17built(2)
Happy Valley Building G26built2015
Phuc Thinh Mansion25built2005(1)
Indochine Park Tower25built1998
Horizon Tower25built2008
Sun Wah Tower20built1998
Petrovietnam Southern Center20built2006
Fideco Tower20built2007
New Saigon 425built2008
New Saigon 225built2008
Sheraton Saigon Hotel23built
Caravelle Hotel23built1997
Poseidon Apartment 322built2011
Poseidon Apartment 222built2011
Pasteur Court22built2006
Apollo Apartment22built2011
Saigon Tower18built1996
Happy Valley Building K24built2015
Happy Valley Building H-J24built2015
Athena Office Building 218built2011
Athena Office Building 118built2011
Screc Tower 222built2007
Screc Tower 122built2004
International Plaza22built2008
Central Garden II22built2007
Central Garden I22built2007
Harbour View Tower20built
Happy Valley Building L22built2015
Sky Garden Phase 2 Building 921built2005
Sky Garden Phase 2 Building 821built2005
Sky Garden Phase 2 Building 721built2005
Sky Garden Phase 2 Building 621built2005
Sky Garden Phase 2 Building 521built2005
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