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The Edge50on hold
Sama Beirut50built2016(1)
Sky Gate42built2016(1)
Beirut Trade Center40on hold(1)
Platinum Tower34built2009(1)
Marina Tower27built2007
Habtoor Grand Hotel Convention Center & Spa30built2005
Bay Tower30built2010
Four Seasons Hotel26built2009
Beirut Terraces26built2017
Carlton Residence25built2014
Beirut Hotel & Residences25built2014
Beirut Tower30built2009
Hosn 44025built2010
Karam Tower26built
Atomium 524227built
Ashrafieh Tower25built2008
Holiday Inn Hotel30built1974(1)
Le Patio Block C26built2009
Bahri Gardens25built2006
Sursock Tower18built2008
Bahri Garden II24built2011
Al Aidi Tower23built2010
Ahlam Building23built
Metropolitan Palace Hotelbuilt
Rizk Tower27built2006
Crowne Plaza Hotel27built2002
Hugo 4322built2010
Ain Mreisseh Tower22built
Manara 58718built2005
Littoral Building 120built1998
Achrafieh Twin Tower 120built2007
Gefinor Center20built
Achrafieh Twin Tower 218built2007
Grand Hyatt Beirut18on hold
Phoenicia InterContinental Hotel 417built2004
Aresco Center20built
Portemilio Hotel11built
Le Patio Block A17built2009
Army Officers' Club13built1998
Royal Tower12built
Littoral Building 512built1998
Harbour Tower12built
Sin El Fil Center13built
Yerevan Plaza 212built
Yerevan Plaza 112built
Littoral Building 712built1998
Littoral Building 612built1998
Littoral Building 412built1998
Farha Hotel12built
Phoenicia InterContinental Hotel 3built
White Tower Hotel13built
Residence Das Oliviers 313built
Ras el Nabeh Triplet Towers12built
Lagos Center12built
Fourpoints Sheraton Hotel11built
Doha Center Suites10built
Ring Residence11built
Park Jdeideh11built
Chiyah Office Building11built
Le Vendome Inter-Continental Hotel11built
Buildex Project11built
Harbor Drive Office Tower10built
Le Patio Block B12built2009
Yervan Plaza 411built
Yerevan Plaza 310built
The Opera Building10built
Maameltein Hotel10built2007
Jouneih Maamaltien Hotel10built
Garden Tower Hotel10built2006
Marina Garden9built2006
ESCWA Building8built1997
Culture & Conference Center Hotel 240proposed
Peace Tower25built
Phoenicia InterContinental Hotel 223built1968
Byblos Bank Building19built1999
Dunes Tower 218built
Dunes Tower 118built
Burj El Ghazal16built
Phoenicia InterContinental Hotel 114built1961
Littoral Building 314built1998
Littoral Building 214built1998
Residence Das Oliviers 213built
Residence Das Oliviers 113built