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Salford is in the metropolitian area of Manchester.
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Salford is a city and metropolitan borough within Greater Manchester metropolitan county. Once a town at the heart of the Industrial Revolution, it was given city status in 1926. With the onset of deindustrialization, the city began a decline in 20th century, but began regeneration in the 1990's, particularly the Salford Quays at the head of the Manchester Ship Canal, and Blackfriars on the banks of the River Irwell opposite Manchester City Center.


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Cortland at Colliers Yard51built2023
Anaconda Cut44built2019(1)
Affinity Living Riverview35built2021(1)
The Residence - Tower 134built2021
Blue Tower19built2010
X1 Media City - Tower 226built2019
X1 Media City - Tower 126built2017(1)
North Tower25built1966(1)
Briar Hill Court25built1970(1)
Chapel Wharf - Block D23built2020
Millennium Tower21built2008(1)
Lightbox 220built2019
Lightbox 120built2019
Sovereign Point20built2005(1)
Thorn Court23built1969(1)
Spruce Court23built1969(1)
Rosehill Court23built1970(1)
Fitzwarren Court23built1970(1)
Churchill Court23built1970(1)
Charter House20built1967(1)
X1 The Gateway21built2022
City Lofts Salford Quays21built2007(1)
Imperial Point16built2001(1)
5 Exchange Quay13built1997(1)
Affinity Living Riverside17built2020
Chapel Wharf - Block A17built2020
NV Building 318built2005(1)
NV Building 218built2005(1)
NV Building 118built2004(1)
Peel House16built(1)
Chapel Wharf - Block C17built2020
White Tower18built2010
Nine Acre Court18built1972(1)
Orange Tower14built2011
Sycamore Court17built1966(1)
Mulberry Court17built1966(1)
Magnolia Court17built1966(1)
Arthur Millwood Court15built(1)
Adelphi Court15built(1)
Albion Towers17built1970(1)
White Friar Court15built1968(1)
Riverbank Tower15built1966(1)
Newbank Tower15built1966(1)
Grey Friar Court15built1966(1)
Black Friar Court15built1968(1)
Chapel Wharf - Block B14built2020
College Croft16built1969
Matthias Court15built1963(1)
John Lester Court15built1964(1)
Eddie Coleman Court15built1964(1)
Canon Hussey Court15built1964(1)
Bramall Court15built1963(1)
Ewood House16built1965
Craunton House16built1965
Kemball House15built1966(1)
X1 The Landmark14built2022
8 Exchange Quay10built1997(1)
Furness House10built1969(1)
The Bridge12built2004(1)
1 City Approach11built1973
Whitebeam Court12built1968(1)
Hornbeam Court12built1968(1)
2 City Approach9built
Digital World Centre8built2003
Lowry Theatrebuilt2000