Formerly known as Amoy or Hsiamen.

A city of eastern China east-northeast of Guangzhou. One of the earliest seats of European commerce in China, it is a major harbor and a manufacturing center.

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Xiamen Cross Strait Financial Centre68on hold(2)
Shimao Cross-Strait Plaza B67built2015(5)
Shimao Cross-Strait Plaza A59built2015(4)
Xinglin Bay Business Center56built2016(1)
Dijing Park Towers 562proposed(1)
Dijing Park Towers 462proposed(1)
Dijing Park Towers 362built2019(1)
Dijing Park Towers 262built2019(1)
Dijing Park Towers 162built2019(1)
C&D International Tower49built2013(1)
Fortune Center43built2011(1)
Lucheng Plaza Tower [1]53built2019
Xiamen International Centre Hotel Tower50on hold(1)
Strait Pearl Tower48built2017(1)
Jinyuan Investment Group Headquarters45under construction
Eton Xiamen Center North Tower51on hold
Cross Strait Exchange Center Phase 2 Tower B49built2014(1)
Cross Strait Exchange Center Phase 2 Tower A49built2014(1)
Zijin Mining Plaza48built2015(1)
AVIC Plaza48built2015(1)
Convention Center Tower52built2013(1)
Xiamen Kempinski Hotel49built2011(1)
China Construction Bank Building43built2003(2)
Lucheng Plaza Tower [2]45built2019
Zhongmin Building44built2003(1)
The International Bank Plaza32built2002(2)
Airport Building45built2011(1)
International Trade Building45built1995(1)
Minnan Hotel38built1995(1)
Silver Palace38built2008(1)
SEC Center Office Building36built2014(1)
Haixi Jingu Plaza Tower 432built2019
Haixi Jingu Plaza Tower 332built2019(1)
More Luxurios Mansion 346built2014(1)
More Luxurios Mansion 246built2014(1)
More Luxurios Mansion 146built2014(1)
Hyde Park C247built2014(1)
Hyde Park C445built2014(1)
Port Building33built2012(1)
Guanyin Mountain Business Center, Building 1135built2009(1)
Heavens A38built2013(1)
International Plaza44built2008(1)
Haixi Jingu Plaza Tower 130built2019
Yuzhou World Trade Center Building A40built2009(1)
The Atlantic Centre Office Tower37built1998(1)
The Bank Centre32built2000(1)
Hyde Park C1.C5.C643built2014(1)
Coast International Hotel30built2011(1)
Fulong Century Center23built2013(1)
Yuzhou World Trade Center Building B43built2009(1)
United Overseas Bank Building North Tower29built1996(1)
Transportation Hub Control Center29built2012(1)
Lakeside Garden 735built2011(1)
Lakeside Garden 535built2011(1)
Lakeside Garden 335built2010(1)
Lakeside Garden 135built2010(1)
Baoda Mansion35built(1)
Li Sin Square31built2006(1)
Xiamen No.1 Plaza33built(1)
Fulong International32built2008(1)
Huijin International Center30built2009(1)
Xinglinwan One 2#41built2014
Yuen Cheong Xintiandi36built2009
Wharf Tower31built2012(1)
The Regent36built2014(1)
Yongtongchang Building33built(1)
International Cruise City A2-138built2009
Golden Washington Phase 1-741built2011
Golden Washington Phase 1-541built2011
Golden Washington Phase 1-341built2011
Golden Washington Phase 1-141built2011
Xinglinwan One 7#40built2014
Xinglinwan One 6#40built2014
Xinglinwan One 3#40built2014
Riverside Garden 235built
Riverside Garden 135built
Heavens B30built2013(1)
Guang Ming Building 238built(1)
Guang Ming Building 138built2002(1)
Joeone Business Center30built2013(1)
Golden Washington Phase 2-1842built2014
Hongdu Park Hotel33built(1)
Erke Operations Center26built2014(1)
Golden Washington Phase 2-1742built2014
Golden Washington Phase 2-1642built2014
Golden Washington Phase 2-1542built2014
Golden Washington Phase 2-1342built2014
Fortune Building36built1990
Yuping Town35built1996
National Union Building32built2004(1)
Jiayuan Galaxy32built2004
Technology Building31built2004(1)
Lakeside Garden 831built2010(1)
Lakeside Garden 631built2010(1)
Lakeside Garden 431built2010(1)
Lakeside Garden 231built2011(1)
Hong Kong Macau Center31built(1)
Garden of Lights 2 & 338built
Hyde Park C331built2014(1)
Guanyin Mountain Business Center, Building 925built2008(1)
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