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Founded in 1653. Capital of Ukrainian Republic in 1918–1934. Now it's second city in Ukraine.

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Monte Plaza 227built2010(2)
Monte Plaza 327built2010(2)
Monte Plaza 127built2010(2)
Light House27built2007(2)
Ark24on hold(1)
Pobeda25under construction(1)
The Sail25built2008(2)
Pavlov Field20built2007(1)
Avantage House #223built2014(2)
Avantage House #123built2008(2)
Nova Shatilovka22on hold(1)
Podgorny Mechanical Engineering Problems I...16built1983(1)
2 Poznań St.24built1979(1)
House On The Embankment20built2009(1)
State Industry Building13built1928(2)
144 Academician Pavlov St.16built2007(1)
Kharkiv National University14built1932(2)
House With Spire11built1967(1)
22 Otakar Yaroš St.17built2005(1)
18 Academician Liapunov St.17built2006(1)
23 Korolenko St.built2008(1)
Red Hat18built(1)
Metalist Hotel, b. 94b18built(1)
Metalist Hotel, b. 92a18built(1)
Metalist Hotel, b. 9218built(1)
Dormitory of UkrSART18built(1)
Dormitory of UkrSART18built(1)
Dormitory of Building Faculty of UkrSART18built(1)
Dormitory of ATC Faculty of UkrSART18built(1)
c. 3 of KhMAPO Dormitory18built(1)
c. 2 of KhMAPO Dormitory18built(1)
c. 1 of KhMAPO Dormitory18built(1)
98 Tracktorbuilders' Av.18built(1)
96 Tracktorbuilders' Av.18built(1)
96 Natalia Uzhviy St.18built(1)
9/1 Serge Borzenko St.18built(1)
9 Enver Akhsarov St.18built(1)
84 Gvardeytsev-Shironintsev St.18built(1)
83d Tracktorbuilders' Av.18built(1)
82 Natalia Uzhviy St.18built(1)
81 and 83 Mohnachanska St.18built(1)
8 Ushakov St.18built(1)
7a Garibaldi St.18built(1)
77 Gvardeytsev-Shironintsev St.18built(1)
74v Peremohy Av.18built(1)
74a Peremohy Av.18built(1)
74 Peremohy Av.18built(1)
72 Ilyinska St.18built(1)
70 Natalia Uzhviy St.18built(1)
7 Tankopiy St.18built(1)
7 Korchagintsev St.18built(1)
6a Novgorod St.18built(1)
69v Kosior St.18built(1)
69G Kosior St.18built(1)
69 A and B Kosior St.18built(1)
68v Peremohy Av.18built(1)
68a Peremohy Av.18built(1)
68 Peremohy Av.18built(1)
65 Socialistic St.18built(1)
63 Socialistic St.18built(1)
63 Alexander Zubarev St.18built(1)
62v Peremohy Av.18built(1)
62a Peremohy Av.18built(1)
62 Peremohy Av.18built(1)
61 Socialistic St.18built(1)
61 Alexander Zubarev St.18built(1)
60 Natalia Uzhviy St.18built(1)
6 Serge Borzenko St.18built(1)
6 A, B and C Garibaldi St.18built(1)
59d Gvardeytsev-Shironintsev St.18built(1)
59 Socialistic St.18built(1)
57g Peremohy Av.18built(1)
57b Peremohy Av.18built(1)
57 Alexander Zubarev St.18built(1)
56 Korchagintsev St.18built(1)
56 Heroes of Labour St.18built(1)
56 Blücher St.18built(1)
55 Gvardeytsev-Shironintsev St.18built(1)
55 Alexander Zubarev St.18built(1)
54 Korchagintsev St.18built(1)
52 Socialistic St.18built(1)
52 Blücher St.18built(1)
51 Gvardeytsev-Shironintsev St.18built(1)
51 and 51a Serge Gritsevets St.18built(1)
50a Peremohy Av.18built(1)
50a Balakirev St.18built(1)
50 Heroes of Labour St.18built(1)
50 Balakirev St.18built(1)
50 and 52 Sharikovaya St.18built(1)
5 Metrobuilders St.18built(1)
4v Heroes of Labour St.18built(1)
49v Gvardeytsev-Shironintsev St.18built(1)
48d Heroes of Labour St.18built(1)
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