Rosario is the largest and most important city in the Santa Fe Province and one of the most important ones in the country. The city and its surrounding metropolitan area lie along the banks of the Paraná River.

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Maui I47built2014(2)
Dolfines Guarani II45built2010(2)
Dolfines Guarani I45built2010(2)
Torre Aqualina41built2009(1)
Edificio Punta Divisadero37built2002(1)
Torre Embarcadero38built2010(1)
Sol Guaraní25built1999(2)
Plaza Menor and Alfar Rio25built2002(1)
Edificio Minordo25built(1)
Torre Atlantida B28built1985(1)
Torre de la Libertad25built1999(1)
Tower Building18built1998(1)
Galeria del Paseo25built1983(1)
Rochdale IV26built1981(1)
Torre Atlantida C24built1985(1)
Torre Arealis24built2018(1)
Edificio Mirage24built(1)
Barranca Libertad24built2012(1)
Miracosta Plaza27built1997(1)
Torreon del Rio24built2015(1)
Monoblocks Mdza. y Colon Torre B22built1971(1)
Beta Torre24built1980(1)
Ha Tower25built2015(1)
Torre Cardon24built(1)
Rio Office21built2013(1)
Edificio Elysée21built2007(1)
Nordlink P.WP.18built2010(1)
Monoblocks Mdza. y Colon Torre A22built1971(1)
Torre Guarany22built2001(1)
Alfar Río22built1988(1)
Farallon Building22built1969(1)
Unebe IV23built2010(1)
Barrancas de Urquiza22built2008(1)
Atlantida XXXIII21built2011(1)
Atlantida XXX22built2001(1)
Mentor Building22built1961(1)
Edificio Parque Norte22built1999(1)
Torre Gricon21built1973(1)
Torre Barranca24built2015(1)
Torre Victoria Rio19built2008(1)
Divisadero Norte21built2006(1)
Paseo de la Costa22built2011(1)
Parque Chacabuco22built2013(1)
Torre Britania21built2011(1)
Edificio Mediterraneo20built1990(1)
La Comercial de Rosario17built1940(1)
Edificio Corrientes 25921built2011(1)
Las Palmas19built2008(1)
Rochdale V20built1981(1)
Avenida Del Huerto 111519built1989(1)
Espilocín Callao20built2015
Posta Oroño19built2007(1)
Reina Florencia18built2010(1)
Ros Tower17built2006(1)
Palacio Minetti13built1929(1)
Ambito 622built1980(1)
Ámbito 520built1979(1)
Premier Boulevard18built2007(1)
Edificio P16618built2010(1)
Palacio Fuentes12built1927(1)
Plaza Sarmiento18built1964
Av. Pellegrini 145019built1990
Palace of Justice5built1892(1)
Cetro Real18built2007(1)
Tranvia 919built1998(1)
Mendoza 6916built1999(1)
Tucuman Rio21built2015(1)
Portal de Oroño18built
Bauen Río18built(1)
3 de Febrero 618built
Plus Ultra Oroño19built2009(1)
Torre Girasol20built1979(1)
La Segunda18built1980(1)
Wheelwright 172717built2002(1)
Unione e Benevolenza16built1943(1)
Rio 5 Building18built1968(1)
DOM I17built(1)
Cordoba 53116built
Alfar 18-1916built1978
Avenida De La Libertad 8416built
Sol del Boulevard16built2004
Buenos Aires 180015built2005
La Inmobiliaria6built1920(1)
Sol de Patagonia VIII16built2007(1)
Terrazas de Santa Cruz15built2012(1)
Oroño 118215built1981
Mendoza 175515built1983
Grad II15built2011(1)
Zeus VI14built
Edificio Lola Mora13built2009(1)
Gilardoni Building11built1938(1)
Entre Rios 15615built2006(1)
J.M.Rosas 130015built2009
Minerco XX14built
Italia 3414built2008
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