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Metropolitian Area Cities
Zhuhai is in the metropolitian area of Pearl River Delta.
• Dongguan
• Foshan
• Guangzhou
• Hong Kong
• Huizhou
• Jiangmen
• Macau
• Shenzhen
• Zhongshan


Zhuhai or Chuhai, designated a special economic zone in 1979, the city has benefited greatly from its proximity to Macau. It has a variety of industries.

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Listing 1 to 76 of 76 buildings
Heart of the City81proposed(1)
Guowei ZY Plaza62proposed
Hengqin International Financial Centre80built2020(4)
Wanling Global Center70under construction(2)
Zhuhai Tower67built2017(2)
CCCC Southern Financial Investment Building65under construction(3)
Hengqin Headquarters Building [1]under construction(1)
Hengqin Headquarters Building [2]under construction(1)
E Fund Financial Building41under construction(1)
Giant Building70on hold(1)
Huafa Plaza Tower 1under construction(2)
Wine International Toweron hold(1)
CRCC Tower47under construction(2)
Yanlord Marina Center 547built2018(2)
Times Square50on hold(2)
Tianlang Haifeng International Center B60built2014(1)
Tianlang Haifeng International Center A60built2014(1)
Zhuhai Hengqin Xinqu Ahongda Finance Tower 147built2018(1)
Hengqin Integrated Development47built2020(1)
Fusion City42built2016(1)
Zhongda Financial Center42built2018(1)
Crown Tree Building40built2017(1)
Huafa Plaza Tower 2under construction(2)
Hengqin Financial Media Center40built2017(1)
Hong Kong Macau Financial Center36built2020(1)
MCC Shengshi International Plaza41built2019(1)
Hengqin Headquarters Phase 133built2017(2)
Hong Heng Century Plaza41built2014(1)
Couple Bay39built2016(1)
China Huarong Tower Hotel32built2016(1)
Yanlord Marina Center 335built2015(1)
Yanlord Marina Center 235built2015(1)
Yanlord Marina Center 135built2015(1)
Zhuhai Information Buildingbuilt2003(1)
Huafa Plaza Tower 3under construction(2)
Zhuhai Gongbei Customs Building28built2003(2)
Great-Aim International Tower27built2018(1)
Yindo Hotel32built1988(1)
Guangdong Hotel Zhuhai 132built1992(1)
Guangdong Hotel Zhuhai 228built1992(1)
Yanlord Marina Center 425built2015(1)
ZHITIC Mansion28built1997(1)
Fangyuan Hotel32built1990
Holiday Inn Zhuhai30built2001(1)
Zhuhai Charming Holiday Hotel21built2009(1)
China Huarong Tower Office22built2016(1)
Huizhong Mansion22built(1)
Zhuhai Daily Headquartersbuilt2002(1)
Zhuhai International Squarebuilt(1)
Zhuhai Dehan Hotel22built2000(1)
L Hotel20built1995(1)
Harbour View Hotel & Resort20built1998(1)
2000 Year's Hotel19built2000(1)
Zhongtian Hotel15built2000(1)
Winter Sanatorium Buildingbuilt(1)
Bamboo Plaza18built1986(1)
Nanyang Seascape Hotel17built2002(1)
Hotel Jumbo Zhuhai17built1999(1)
China Mobile Mansion15built2003(1)
Zhuhai Tourist Hotel16built1997(1)
Dihao Holiday Hotel15built2004(1)
Zhuhai Overseas Chinese Hotel15built1986(1)
Grand Bay View Hotel Zhuhai14built1995(1)
Zobon Art Hotel12built2005(1)
Hao Tian Holiday Hotel12built2004(1)
Bihai Hotel9built1981(1)
Ping An Mansion9built(1)
Dragon Union Hotel9built2001(1)
Zhuhai Holiday Resort Hotel9built1983(1)
Nanhai Oil Hotel9built1987(1)
Catic Hotel7built1998(1)
Paradise Hill Hotel6built1982(1)
Sun Yat-sen University Zhuhai Campus Main ...5built2000(1)
Greenery Hotel Guest Tower4built1985(1)
Zhuhai Museum3built1984(1)
Sun Plazabuilt