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Antavia Luxury City 150proposed(3)
Oak 58 High Living51under construction(4)
Torre JV Angelopolis50under construction(2)
Antavia Luxury City 245proposed(2)
Antavia Luxury City 445proposed(2)
Antavia Luxury City 345proposed(2)
Nvbola Tower42under construction(2)
Torre Platea32proposed(3)
Artema37under construction(2)
Helea33under construction(1)
Torre UMA34proposed(1)
Torre Natyvo27under construction(1)
Torres Club de Empresarios Puebla29under construction(2)
Torre Omega28under construction(3)
Torre Ejecutiva JV III28built2008(12)
Residencial JV Altavista Zavaleta II33proposed(2)
Residencial JV Altavista Zavaleta I33proposed(2)
Adamant Lofts Torre Puebla31built2013(3)
Torre K26proposed(1)
Torre JV Juarez26built2010(8)
Adamant Pure High Living II32built2015(1)
La Vista Torre A29built2009(7)
Residencial Cascadas28under construction
Torres N 225on hold(3)
Torres N 125on hold(3)
Torres Ejecutivas JV I y II25built2005(15)
Punto Horizonte torre 1 y 227under construction(1)
Quore Hearts + Minds Residence27under construction(3)
Altix Green Skyhomes Future Included27proposed
Nducha Torre Popo-Izta23built2015(4)
Nducha Torre Orizaba23built2017(4)
Nducha Torre Malinche23built2011(4)
Torre Doma 24 725proposed(1)
Torres Altix 3 y 422proposed(2)
Palacio de Justicia Federal del Sexto Circ...17built2006(6)
Torre La Cima22built(2)
Torre Alfa18built(5)
Torre Huz Designer House24built2017(2)
Elipsis Tower24built2016(2)
High Tower 223built2013(3)
Sonata Hotel & Residences19built2016(1)
Sonata Towers19built(1)
La Vista Residences22built2014(2)
Torre Arts 223under construction(1)
Torre Arts 123built2017(4)
Torre Nidum A20under construction(1)
My Residence torre 1 y 220under construction(2)
Torre Nidum B20under construction(1)
Residencial Palmas Angelopolis Torre III23built2009(5)
Torres Medicas18built2017(1)
Torres Perseo22built2014(2)
Loreta 4718under construction(2)
Angelopolis Huerta20proposed(1)
Conjunto La vista Legorreta18under construction(2)
Torre la Noria18built1999(3)
Torre Orion20proposed(1)
Punta Cascatta B20proposed(1)
Punta Cascatta A20proposed(1)
Titanium Centro de Negocios18built2010(2)
High Towers Elite22proposed(1)
Zante Vertical Living20under construction
HighTower 118built2013(2)
Torre Animas 2911 B17proposed(1)
Torre Animas 2911 A17proposed(1)
Centro Zavaleta 117proposed
Torre senza 218built2016(1)
La Quinta Inn & Suites Puebla Palmas16built2010(2)
Mayorazgo 621proposed
Torre CCE16proposed
Torre Blank 1 y 218built2017(1)
Torre de Rectoria BUAP17under construction
Edificio Zavaleta16proposed(1)
Hotel Fiesta Americana Grand9built2016(1)
Playtown Corporativo14proposed(1)
Residencial Palmas Angelópolis Torre 117built2005(8)
Vista Turquesa B15proposed(1)
Vista Turquesa A15under construction(1)
Vista del Arte Residencial Angelopolis16built2012(1)
Les Tours d'Argent II17built2006(1)
Corporativo Triangulo15built2006(5)
Edificio Ficus17built2003(3)
Laporta Residencial15built2008(2)
Residencial Palmas Angelópolis Torre II17built2006(5)
Torre Mossa16built2014(1)
RS2816under construction(1)
Les Tours d'Argent17built2006(2)
Torre Angelopolis14built(1)
Torres Altix15built2014(2)
Torre de Especialidades Hospital Angeles11built2007(4)
Torre Kuahtro12under construction(1)
Grand Fiesta Americana Puebla Angelopolis15built2016
Hilton Garden Hotel15built2016(1)
Hotel Camino Real12built2015(1)
City Angelopolis12built2014(1)
Luis Sanchez Ponton 42915built(2)
Hacienda Paraiso de los Angeles Zavaleta8built2007(1)
Hospital Puebla13built2007(3)
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