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Old Posted Oct 9, 2019, 1:56 AM
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Mountain Cave Mega-Mansion + Private Museum

Needed: plateau of granite rock, between two and three thousand feet up, up to a mile wide, and up to five miles or more in length, with five to ten miles of surrounding flat(-ish) grounds on all sides, and more is better. It should have enough rainfall to fill several large cisterns we will excavate and an underground river under the Mountain or very nearby. The foot of the Mountain should be elevated enough in case of flooding.

Self-sustaining: we make our own energy and food, and make sure we have enough water. Whatever we need, we find a way to produce it on site. We plan for every eventuality.

Owner’s Mountain Cave Mega-Mansion(s):
One main access road to the executive mansion elevator.
Helipads on top and in wind-free pockets to the sides.
A large garage at ground level for the owner and his entourage, with security.
The main mansion as a downward spiral on the outside of the Mountain to enjoy the view on all sides and on all elevations.
A series of large rooms on the outside with a number of small quarters leading off them, with either a specific purpose to them or just, finished as little jewels to be enjoyed as such.
At the top of the spiral would be an American style complete home and as you come down you could have an oriental style one and as many as the owner can think of or wants. These can be closed off from the next and be put up for use by family or friends or business relations.
- French style
- Japanese style
- African style
- Swedish style
- Spanish style, etc…
Each mansion to have its own kitchen with a specialized chef and a smaller one in case the owner feels like cooking.
We install artists and master craftspeople to continuously beautify first the individual mansions and then the museum and all aspects of the whole Mountain community.
Main mansions to have secondary quarters on the inside of the Mountain that are bomb-proof.
Between the outside mansions and the inside bomb-proof ones we need a corridor for golf carts to move from one mansion to the next. (Two lanes and driving is on the right-hand side)
Quadruple self-cleaning glass or lightweight alternative with access for maintenance or repair and steel shutters in case of an emergency.
Large glass-in-lead panels to give diffused colored light.
Walls: rock face, adobe, plastered and painted, fresco or mural, mosaic, ceramic hand-painted tiles, wood, bricks, and metals. Railroad crossties sculpture?
Conservatory for exotic plants with art nouveau steel frames for the windows on the top level. Excess heat to be diverted to the heating of living quarters if needed.
Old world library with paper literature and technical manuals.
Ensuite bathroom for every bedroom. Jacuzzis and saunas to be spread out along the different mansions
Acclimatized indoor swimming pool and another outdoor one on top.
Private landscaped gardens for the owner.
Wire fence around the whole perimeter with guards and dogs and infrared camera surveillance from up high and regular cameras by the fences.

Permanent Contingent of Mining Engineers and Workers:
We should set up at least five camps to start excavating immediately. One or more on top digging down and four at all points of the compass with access roads for heavy machinery. They should stay indefinitely to continuously expand the community in all directions. To this purpose they will be afforded living quarters inside the Mountain or below it.

Private Museum:
This would not be restricted to one location but would be spread out over several levels all over the Mountain, with a series of corridors aligned in rows for the paintings and a series of halls for the statues and ceramics and any other artworks.
To be situated partly on the outside wall of the Mountain for the available natural light, but also partly on the inside for security. The second part to be securely cut off from the first part.
We could add a number of empty rooms to serve as virtual art worlds with digital static and/or moving art. Programmable to taste.
We could create art vaults to safeguard the really valuable pieces. With sitting areas.
We dig more tunnels or halls if more space is needed, with a possibility to seal them off in case of an emergency.
Security detail to guard the accesses along with camera surveillance.
Access would be at the owner’s discretion.
Or alternatively, some or all parts could be opened to either a select audience or the general public.
Climate control all round for the preservation of the art.
We would need curators to handle all this.
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Old Posted Oct 9, 2019, 6:02 AM
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Fuck off spam
He who is tired of Weird Al is tired of life.
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Old Posted Oct 10, 2019, 8:34 PM
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Originally Posted by photoLith View Post
Fuck off spam
This is no spam. I would like an honest opinion on my idea.
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