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Old Posted Yesterday, 9:37 PM
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Originally Posted by MonctonRad View Post
Not sure I get the reference to Lord Monckton, but if you are talking about Robert Monckton, he wasn't a lord - that was his brother.
I am referring to this charlatan: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christ...n_of_Brenchley
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Old Posted Yesterday, 10:50 PM
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Ah, an indirect distant cousin (about nine times removed) of Robert Monckton then. Robert missed out on being the Viscount because he was a second son, therefore he had to join the military to make his way in the world.

Robert was more distinguished. Aside from the expulsion debacle, he was victor of the Battle of Fort Beausejour, second in command to General Wolfe at the Plains of Abraham, victor of the Battle of Martinique, British military commander of the southern provinces, Lt. Governor of Nova Scotia and Governor of the Province of New York. He was also offered the position of the British military commander of North America at one point, but declined (he would have had to have dealt with the American Revolution if he had accepted). On the other hand, maybe he would have done a better job.
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Old Posted Today, 12:22 AM
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Alberta vaccine update as of June 12th:

68.7% of eligible population has received at least one dose
20.2% of eligible population is fully vaccinated

Time will tell if the million dollar lottery will be enough to get more people to go out. We're just 1.3% away from hitting the threshold for stage 3. Based on second dose trends, it looks like we could crack 40% fully vaccinated by months end.
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Old Posted Today, 5:23 AM
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Originally Posted by thurmas View Post
Manitoba 294 more cases 5 more deaths today. Will this ever end here ? This is beyond depressing seeing everyone else move on from this but us.
My region is still in lockdown.
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Old Posted Today, 5:43 AM
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Originally Posted by Innsertnamehere View Post
Ontario’s ICU numbers are officially higher than total hospitalizations (somehow?) today.

There has never been an explanation as to why Ontario’s ICU numbers are so high, and as far as I can tell no media has ever really asked.

Case counts always “stall” mid week every week. It’ll drop again starting tomorrow.

Today’s number is a bit higher that it “should be” but Waterloo and Porcupine health unit reported unusually high numbers today for some reason causing that.

Porcupine Heath unit continues to post unusually high case counts - over 300/100k still. It’s now about 15% of the entire provinces case counts despite representing about 0.5%’of the provinces population.
The good news for Timmins is that the number of active cases is less than half of what it was at the peak. There haven't been many new cases over the last week so it seems as though the number should quickly drop.

The bad news is that Cree First Nations along James Bay are being hit hard. Especially Kashechewan and Fort Albany which are across the Albany river from one another. The last report on Friday had 133 active cases in Kash which has less than 2500 people. And almost everyone who has it is under 18 years old. There are reports that some of those younger people are hospitalized outside of the region.

You should see the number of vaccines our region now has as it is a hot spot. Anyone can now get their second shot. There are many pop-up clinics happening and the mass clinics are available even more frequently.

The vaccinations and the fact that so many young people got it in the places up North, the spreading really should be over soon. There is talk of our health unit allowing some parts of our region to move to Phase 1 soon, especially Hornepayne and along the Hwy 11 corridor from Hearst to Iroquois Falls. Numbers still need to drop much more for Timmins and the James Bay area may take longer.
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Old Posted Today, 5:51 AM
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Originally Posted by Loco101 View Post
Active cases June 10, 2021

Porcupine Health Unit: 361 (all-time high)

City of Timmins: 119

James Bay region: 212 (all-time high) and holy sh!%!!!

Data from the Weeneebayko Area Health Authority for community-specific numbers along James Bay haven't been posted yet today.

Porcupine health district to stay in lockdown while rest of Ontario enjoys patios, shopping
I never got around to posting the number for Friday so here they are.

Active cases June 12, 2021

Porcupine Health Unit: 328

City of Timmins: 109

James Bay region: 193
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Old Posted Today, 1:59 PM
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447 cases in Ontario today. Another unusually high day - the rate of decline of the 7 day average has almost flatlined for the last 2 days. We'll have to see what tomorrow's numbers are, as there is usually a large drop on Tuesday.

ICUs continue to somehow remain above total hospitalizations, at 409 in the ICU but yet apparently 384 in the hospital.

The 7 day case average is now at 503. Most likely will drop below 500 tomorrow.

Porcupine Health Unit continues to have alarmedly and stubbornly high case numbers that show no sign of declining.
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Old Posted Today, 2:55 PM
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More Ontario Details

-447 New Cases (last Mon was 525)
-13.6K Tests Processed
-2.8% Positivity Rate
-4 Deaths

-409 In ICU (-17)
-R Value Is 0.87

-11.34 Million Doses Of Vaccines Administered (+135K)

-64.1% Of ALL Ontarians Have Received At Least 1 Dose
-73.0% Of Eligible People (12+) Have Received At Least 1 Dose (14.6% Have 2 Doses)
-74.1% Of Adults In Ontario Have Received At Least 1 Dose (15.6% Have 2 Doses)


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Old Posted Today, 3:48 PM
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Quebec reports 123 new cases with 1 death

214 in hospital (-1)
54 in ICU (-4)
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Old Posted Today, 4:02 PM
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Originally Posted by Bread_Kaczynski View Post
I love giving people differential treatment based on their medical history. That has literally never led to disastrous results nosireee!

with the numbers of people vaccinated, especially the most vulnerable, you'd think that at the very least we could reopen libraries and gyms

but that doesn't put enough money in Bezos' pockets, so that ain't happening

They want to keep you dumb, fat and happy. They can't accept that people would pick up a book and actually think for themselves.
I don’t know if this is performance art at this point or if you are actually being serious with your signature, but you need help MIGS.
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