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Safety is a key component in the design and engineering of highways, and a key consideration when highways are expanded and/or reconstructed. Separation of traffic which travels in opposing directions is a basic principle of highway safety. Any connection between retail development and the construction of this interchange at Clappison's Corners is completely speculative (and false, for that matter). As far as collisions go, I don't think I need to point out that most collisions occur on surface streets as opposed to controlled-access/divided highways--so therefore, relatively speaking, driving on highways IS safer. We all know of Highway 6's unfortunate history--and most of the fatalities that I recall occuring happened either in the 5/6 intersection or involved vehicles crossing into opposing traffic further north. York Road was another story altogether.

There are numerous examples elsewhere in Ontario where previously 'traditional' highways and interchanges have been expanded/upgraded to divided/controlled-access thoroughfares due to traffic volume and safety considerations. Highway 11 North, Highway 400 North and Highway 416 are all examples elsewhere in Ontario. I believe it is fair to say that the MTO is not in the business of building highways based on the whims of retail developers.

So, while someone may be opposed to sprawl--opposed to suburban retail--opposed to anything they choose to be--it's certainly a long way from "stupid" to point out that a highway that is over-capacity and subject to frequent serious collisions ought to be considered for upgrade.

I am still waiting for a response as far as how exactly a controlled access intersection is a good thing for these retail establishments--considering access to their sites will not be improved.
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