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Originally Posted by cjones2451 View Post
I guess the first question here is will we get a new CBA signed before the season officially starts?yes, player's have little leverage. Hopefully we see an increase in the minimum salaries...I would personally love to see practive rosters expanded.

What impact will the AAF have when it begins [B]Lack of QB depth will be obvious next season. I think 2019 will be the most underwhelming year for qb performance in the CFL for as long as I can remember[B]

Who will be each teams starting QBs ? BC - Reilly, Calgary - backup will emerge as season progresses and Buckley struggles, Edmonton - Glenn/backup, Saskatchewan - Jennings, Winnipeg - Nichols, Toronto - Franklin, Ottawa - Harris, Hamilton - Masoli, Montreal - ManzielDoes BLM sign in the NFL?Yes, but he will end up on the practice roster to start the season, might get a few games on the 53-man roster when the starter/backup misses a few games. Overall, it costs him money as he would likely make 550,000 - 600,000 in the CFL

Can new coaches in BC, Hamilton and Toronto have an immediate impactYes, of course...but will it be positive or negative

Will the Atlantic Schooners officially be granted a franchise and begin construction on a stadium, and where will TD Atlantic be held and how will it be received?No, Leblanc has a history of failure. I doubt this ownership group has any significant investment in this $190 million stadium project.
Council will likely reject his proposal until they see an appropriate increase in their investment. This doesn't even factor in the province steadfastly refusing to bankroll the project, the city's inability or refusal to fund a substantial portion of the stadium and the questionable location which may be better suited for something like residential/retail.

Will anything move forward with Mexican players and / or games to be played there going forward[B]no, there will some talk of a game in Mexico in 2020, but nothing will come of it.[B]

Can BC, Toronto and Montreal gain back fans in seats and grow their attendance numbers? Assuming Reilly signs, I see BC emerging as a Grey Cup contender in 2019 so they should see modest increase in attendance.
Toronto will continue to play to crowds averaging 15,000 and Montreal will see crowds drop to dangerously low levels not seen since their return to Montreal in 1996 as the team misses the playoffs for the 5th year in a row. The murmurs of financial trouble will grow louder as the season progresses

Big season with lots of unanswered questions, some might say this is the most pivotal season for the long term future of CFL
This appears to be stated every single season.
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