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Originally Posted by mark0 View Post
Nashville. I was there 5 years ago and it was just starting. This year Ive been back and forth to FL a few times driving through and I swear the skyline has more than doubled since 2015, almost all blue glass boxes. A few with McHugh Construction tower cranes too!
I was just there last week. The number of cranes spread throughout the downtown area is insane. 40+ tower cranes. Many sites just a few floors out of the ground. I was watching a new Marcus Lemonis show on CNBC the other day which had a parking lot owner on it who sold his downtown surface lot for 3 million two years ago. It just changed hands again for $6 million.

BTT you make a good point- Our new blue glass towers are relatively well-spread throughout the city. I'd still take a HY development here any day!
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