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Originally Posted by patriotizzy View Post
I hate the argument, "don't worry if you don't like it, it'll grow on you. It'll be like it was always there."

Yeah not shit! Anything starts to become normal after a while. You're excusing garbage with the dumbest argument anyone could conceive. A woman getting beat will get used to beatings after a while. A hoarder will get used to living in mountains of filth after a while. A person will get used to the stench of cow manure if they live near a beef producer.

Anyone mind clarifying why that argument makes ANY sense to you?
It doesn't, it's a total deflection and excuse for inexcusable laziness in design. This proposal is horrendous and should be burned in effigy in front of the developer's residence nightly until abandoned.

Everytime I see this thread bumped, I open it with the hope of seeing something entirely different. I'm still in shock 432 got built, it's still an eyesore every time I see it, but at least it's slim - this thing just turns that up to 11.

Where's Amanda Burden when you actually need her?!? (Sarcasm)
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