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This thread isn't about American ratings so i'll keep it short:

Have you ever stopped to consider that perhaps NBA and NFL ratings are both down because they're going head-to-head not only between each other but also with other sports during critical periods in their seasons?

"Thursday’s Texans-Chiefs NFL Kickoff Game averaged an 11.2 rating and 20.54 million viewers on NBC, down 13% in ratings and 7% in viewership from Packers-Bears last year (12.8, 22.03M) but flat and up 8% respectively from Falcons-Eagles in 2018 (11.2, 18.98M).


Due to the upheaval in the sporting calendar this year, the Kickoff Game faced unusual competition from an NBA playoff game involving LeBron James and from the Stanley Cup Playoffs. It also faced a Serena Williams US Open semifinal, albeit for the third straight year (and fourth of the past five). Those events combined for 4.83 million viewers (2.50 for the NBA, 1.55 for tennis and 790,000 for the NHL)."
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