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US Census Data for Kalamazoo County 2010 - 2016

In Post #18 of this thread, I summarized the Kalamazoo County population growth. The Census data released May 25 reveals some further detail, with population estimates provided for cities, villages and townships in 2016. As a whole, Michigan's population rose 0.5% from 2010 to 2016, and Kalamazoo county was a positive contributor to this growth. Here's a breakdown I put together of the info for Kalamazoo County:

A few observations on the data:
  • Every population area in the County experienced growth on some level.
  • Kalamazoo (City) exceeded 75,000, with 2.2% growth.
  • Portage (City) is nearing the 50,000 mark, and grew about twice as much as Kalamazoo, at 4.6%.
  • Texas Township and the Village of Vicksburg both had relatively 'explosive' population booms, at around 13% growth rate for each. This is especially noticeable in Texas Township, were a lot of development is happening.
  • Galesburg had the lowest growth rate, at 1.8%.

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